Virtual Varsity And KPC Collaborate To Deliver Online Education

Online Education

The Karachi Press Club (KPC) has partnered with a virtual university to offer online education opportunities for journalists and their families, particularly in remote and underserved areas of Pakistan. The initiative is focused on providing education to the children of journalists who may face various challenges preventing them from attending traditional colleges or universities.

This collaboration aims to support students in regions far from educational institutions, ensuring access to quality education. Ayaz Sheikh, the regional campus manager for Karachi and Balochistan, highlighted the deployment of the virtual university’s Mobile Science Laboratory, known as Lab on Wheels, to Karachi, which will facilitate practical learning for students in remote areas.

Furthermore, plans are in place to introduce a special program that will enable journalists and their families to access higher education opportunities. This initiative is unique in Pakistan, as the virtual university is taking practical science education directly to students in their cities and remote areas where physical laboratories are not available.

Shoaib Ahmed, the Secretary of KPC, emphasized the importance of promoting education in collaboration with the virtual university. He stated that access to education is a fundamental right for every citizen, and their partnership aims to contribute to the advancement of education in Pakistan.

This initiative is expected to have a positive impact on expanding educational opportunities and fostering learning in underserved communities, particularly among the families of journalists who play a crucial role in disseminating information and raising awareness in society.

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