Top 5 Education Learning Tools for Students

Top 5 Education Learning Tools for Students

In the world of varied sources of available knowledge, the need for knowledge that is easily available has been the focus of students worldwide. Plenty of knowledge platforms are available to embrace in the emergence of digital media. Digital education apps, K-12 education services, Distance Learning, and so on are readily available in today’s modern era.

Students have grown precise to be able to figure out the natural requirement of a human being that helps to prosper in various stages of life. While taking note of the factor, students have come forward to enable their learning process through the varied sources or tools available to them.

In the global atmosphere, students are evoked to learn to understand the upcoming barriers in life. As we grow up, the needs, responsibilities, and discipline come forth to be handled on a daily basis.

As these online learning tools are easily accessible, the content is available to students at their fingertips, that too on diverse topics. While leveraging technology as well as the recent advancements, students can access a few of these platforms for free.

Taking advantage of this fact, the upcoming generations will be a significant up-fly worldwide. So, what are the best online learning platforms for students that can make us achieve greater heights?

Let’s explore these tools:


It is easily understood that the best visual content provider has always been in our pockets all the time. From the golden era to the modern, then change came forward through digital transformation.

UI and UX came into the picture as soon as the transformation took place in the modern atmosphere. While inculcating the final outcomes, YouTube has been the prime influencer in teaching the global atmosphere, be it students, teachers, professionals, and even the top-level guns.

In the era of such resources available to us, YouTube has proven to be the ultimate source of knowledge and one of the best learning tools available for students.


In a world of diversified barriers according to race, caste, colour, etc. The most excruciating barrier has been the language. While understanding the natural value of language is considered to be the best way to communicate and exhibit everything that humanity has come across. From discovery to the invention, from innovation to transformation, humans have been great communicators since the stone age.

From the stone age to the modern era, everything has changed. The transformative technologies have literally enhanced the efficiency factor for humans.

The first and foremost barrier has completely been degraded due to the apps that are available today. One of the most important tools that have helped with language barriers is Duolingo. Duolingo has turned out to be the best app with various specifications. It has about tons of languages to learn from, be it Spanish, English, Russian, etc.

One of the most exciting parts about Duolingo is it teaches for free what is available in the market for a premium. While considering the perspective of students, it is necessary to understand that the students are dependent upon their parents for their needs.

This makes them not consider the option of joining an institute to learn a language. Breaking this barrier is the app Duolingo, a top tool to help out students in their need.


Quora, a question-and-answer forum where users can submit questions and answers, as well as make comments on responses submitted by other site users, can help curious minds find answers to intriguing issues.

Naturally, educators may ask if Quora content is legitimate – Quora promotes high-quality comments through voting (up or down) and encourages site participants to use their true identities. Members of the community can establish a solid reputation for routinely providing accurate responses.

Quora is a substantial platform for learning through experts and professional individuals. In the process, for individuals who tend to depend on the internet and fail to gain answers to the questions that google goes not provide, or the questions that are unexpected and are related to any individual’s life, Quora is the best platform for such answers.


Toppr, a sleek word from Topper, is a collaboration of Worldwide famous BYJUs.

Toppr came out to be the app where different resources are available from various sources. In this availability of different scenarios coming forth, there has been an inculcation of resources that is available for the general students.

Toppr has turned out to be the best source for providing content from different sources; the content that the platform provides is as follows:

  • Test Series
  • Practice Papers
  • Student Section
  • Latest Trends in the online education system
  • Notes
  • Guest Lectures
  • Exam Dates, etc.

While considering the students, There are varied premium sections where the recent syllabus and question bank are provided. This culminates the most important data that is provided to students with a premium but is worth the price. Toppr has turned out to be one of the best resources for students; it is also one of the best tools for any student who is looking forward to online study besides their existing course.

Toppr is a considerable app to even rely on one; using this tool regularly could help improve the daily learning process for the student in the world of education, where the competition between different apps has been the final verdict.


Edmodo is a learning management system that assists you in managing your classrooms and engaging your students in a simple instructional setting. With a free account, Edmodo provides all of the tools that a teacher could need to set up and teach in K-12 education. Furthermore, Edmodo sends regular progress reports to parents and allows them to observe their student’s classroom participation and grades, as well as streamline communication.

Edmodo is a learning management system that helps you manage your classes and engage your students in a simple and educational setting. Edmodo gives all of the tools that a teacher could need to set up and teach an online class with a free account.

Moreover, Edmodo gives parents monthly progress updates and allows them to monitor their student’s classroom participation and grades, as well as expedite communication.

Towards New Horizons

In the world of knowledge platforms that are easily available to us, it is our understanding and passion to leverage the advantages of the available tools. As globalization doesn’t wait for anybody, just like time, it is mandatory to think about the measures and resources available to us to improve our livelihoods and the coming days of our next generations. So that in the future, we will be ready to embrace innovations.

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