The Dubai school inspection review finds 20 outstanding schools

school inspection

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority conducted the most recent round of school inspections and awarded outstanding ratings to twenty Dubai schools.

The numbers, made public by the KHDA on Monday afternoon, showed that 199 schools were inspected. Twenty-five schools outperformed the previous inspection in 2019 in terms of performance.

Inside and out about Dubai English Speaking School (DESS)

Dr. Abdulla Al Karam, chief general of the KHDA “Tuition-based schools in Dubai are known for their obligation to quality and persistent improvement. The dedication and expertise of educators and school administrators can be seen in the fact that thousands more students have access to higher-quality instruction and learning this year. We are thankful to the education community for helping make our schools one of the best in the world.

Review Reveals

The report also revealed that 77% of Dubai’s students attend private schools that have received a good or better rating, up from 70% during the previous complete inspection cycle in the 2018/19 school year.

Fatma Belrehif, CEO of Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau, stated, “We’re pleased to see that schools in Dubai have continued their improvement journey.”

According to the principal of one of Dubai’s most well-liked schools, inspections provide a valuable snapshot of school life.

During the inspection team’s visit, staff, students, parents, and governors demonstrated that the academic, social, and moral outcomes for everyone continue to shine in our day-to-day work at the school. “The main challenge for this inspection was the exponential growth in the school since inspectors last visited.” Since 2020, the number of students in our cohort has more than doubled, and nearly 70% of staff members have never been inspected.

“This intended that, in numerous ways, we were truly a different school and hence keeping up with the exclusive expectations that we did, while as yet driving enhancements post-pandemic, has been an extremely fulfilling, if strange, venture.”

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