Study of Law and Order Uplifting the Indian Education Society

Study of Law
Dr Priti Ojha

Why choose law? Why not engineering? Why not medical? Children should make informed and intelligent choices when it concerns career goals. Indeed, society, even today, discriminates between career options. However, a large amount of the population realizes how the study of law and order is become vital for every citizen or, least of all, to be aware of the rights and how to fight for them legally; therefore, students today are getting inclined towards studying law and make a wholesome career in this field.

The study of law will equip Children with the ability to deal with challenging issues, understand human logic, analyse real-life cases, have logical clarity, and have a good grip over oral/written communication. Success in this field will have a lot to do with the children’s personalities. Currently, law is one of the most dynamic and ever-growing fields.

Studying law at a university, especially from a renowned Law University, will equip Children with all the knowledge and skills necessary to become a world-class lawyers and allow them to make a massive difference in the lives of many.

Law’s relevance and professional viability as a career choice can be understood from how it tends to affect every part of our day-to-day lives. It is essential to realize the impact law can have on people’s lives and how it can mitigate financial loss.

The importance of studying law:

  • Studying law for social purposes

Children will find it easy to relate legal theory to the world outside. The textbook knowledge is supplemented with training the students in its practical application through moot competitions and management of pro bono societies. This will give children a real feel of the profession.

  • Studying law to widen the career opportunities

Studying law has a unique career proposition, as it widens professional opportunities or choices. Children can take the judicial service exams in addition to the Indian Administrative Service Exams, an option that will not be available to those who have not pursued law academically. Hence contrary to popular belief, the law will open up opportunities rather than limit them.

  • Studying law for applying it to day-to-day life

Children will spend much time reading and analysing cases at the Law School. Real-life examples will be used to showcase how theoretical knowledge has to be applied to real-life scenarios. In case Children were wondering whether the content learned will have any real-life application. Law is pervasive, whether driving a car, buying groceries from the supermarket, boarding a bus or light, signing employment contracts, renting a house, etc.

  • Studying law improves and makes communication effective

The journey of studying law at a law school will most definitely equip Children with the skills to research well, read extensively, synthesize complex ideas, and write and speak effectively. This skill set will go a long way in defining career graphs of children, whether it is associated with law or not.

  • Studying law is beneficial as lawyers are a social requirement

The importance of law as a profession is not only associated with litigation or fighting cases in courts. Lawyers are required as legal advisors by governmental as well as non-governmental organizations. Banks, corporate offices, business people, traders, artists, sportspeople, Children, and everybody needs a lawyer.

  • Studying law is needed for various professional fields

Several new fields of litigation have come up, such as-space law, maritime law, election law, intellectual property laws, medical laws &, etc., which do not require extensive paperwork and consistent presence in the courts, unlike the traditional fields of litigations. Study law to teach law.

Children can specialize by opting for the postgraduation course in law – LL.M followed by Ph.D. and can opt for teaching law at several government and private educational institutions. Another reason to study law is to stay aware and inform others with knowledge.

  • Study law for high earning

Corporate houses hire lawyers for their legal teams and are ready to shell out big bucks for the competent ones. Law firms induct lawyers immediately after law school. Such firms handle cases for several individuals and corporate entities. Working for a corporate house or a reputed legal firm is one of the most financially satisfying choices a lawyer can make.

  • Study law for self-employment

Unlike many other professions, the law allows children to be self-employed. A law school passes out is required to clear the bar exam, which the Bar Council of India conducts. Subsequently, the lawyer is given a bar license which makes him eligible to practice in a court of law independently.

Understanding law will equip children and give them the freedom to think and analyse logically, give them problem-solving skills, increase comprehensive skills, and would also make children develop permutation & combination skills.

With such an increase and development in various skills of children, they would represent the quality education system of the educational organizations. A huge Ambit of opportunities in great legal establishments for law graduates and a leverage of self-employment for practising law in the Judicial system. Children can also get into a career in teaching law which would involve them in the cycle of uplifting and giving quality education to the future generations of India.

About the Author:

Dr Priti Ojha, Principal for Delhi Public School Dwarka Expressway, Gurugram

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