Stan Peake: An Epitome of Resilience

Stan Peake
Stan Peake

One of the primary traits of a successful person is their never give up attitude. It is their resilience and dedication to pursue their dreams that set them apart from others. And one of the prime examples of a leader propelled by the determination to stand out from the crowd and establish his own brand is Stan Peake.

Stan is the Director of Leadership Development at FSQ Consulting Inc and, with his competency, has driven the business to success.

The Education View had an interview with Stan to know more about his journey and his approach to a successful business.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Please tell us about your journey since its beginning.

My entrepreneurial journey started when I was 21 years old. I nearly broke my neck playing football in university, which ended my football journey, but I started my career as a fitness professional. I owned one company and bought into another, which sold after we went through a merger.

Not being sure what I would pursue next, I went to graduate school, studying leadership. I obtained a certification in cultural transformation tools. The next year, I took an executive education in sales leadership. I then became certified as an executive coach and called three entrepreneurs I knew to coach them for free in order to test my coaching process and build my business model. In 2015, I started my coaching business, which was my third company.

I became an advisor and minority shareholder with a few other companies, and then in 2020, my three other cofounders and I launched FSQ Consulting, a full-service consultancy that specializes in helping organizations with their strategy, marketing, business development, leadership, financial processes, organizational culture, and communication. In 2022 we grew by almost 325 percent and are still growing!

Please tell us about your mission, vision, and values.

Our purpose, the reason we exist, is because the world needs better leaders. We help build better leaders.

Our vision is to help over one million leaders discover and live up to their potential.

Our mission is to unleash our collective skill sets to support unprecedented business success.

Our values are:

  • GSD: Whatever it takes
  • Excellence: Excellence is a habit
  • Teamwork: We are greater than me
  • Adaptable: This isn’t a one size fits all
  • Legacy: Business is a force for good

What challenges has your organization faced, and how did you help to overcome them?

Like any business, we’ve faced many challenges. We had a fifth cofounder, who had to exit after less than a year to find a more secure income. The pandemic brought with it many challenges, including clients tightening their budgets and ‘waiting to see how this thing turns out.’ Because our ideal client is a mid to large-sized organization, there are often long sales cycles with many setbacks along the way.

Even before starting this business, I broke my back three months into my first coaching business. I had a heart attack three years later. I’ve been on the verge of a complete financial disaster several times. And, like any other entrepreneur, I have faced more rejection than most people would ever want to, not to mention imposter syndrome, questioning myself, and the strain all the above puts on my family.

What extensive programs do you provide as an advisor and a keynote speaker to ensure the growth of businesses?

We are different from others by working with some of the best talent out there. For instance, we have 33 executive coaches in 5 countries. One is the top executive coach in all of New Zealand, and another in California hosts one of the most popular leadership podcasts in the world. Many are bestselling authors, and several have even given TED talks.

Kindly mention some of your major achievements, accolades, and recognitions.

I have been nominated for several business awards, such as the ‘Small Business of the Year’ and ‘Ethical Business of the Year’ by the Better Business Bureau and the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.

I was named one of the ‘Top 10 Executive Coaches to Follow in 2023’ by US Insider. I have written seven business books, including five bestsellers. I have been published by Entrepreneur Magazine (online) three times, and my 2021 TEDx talk has over 110,000 views.

Can you shed some light on your future plans?

I mentioned my next book, which is due out later this year. It’s a project I’m very proud of that will help many leaders. 100 percent of the royalties I’m receiving will be going to different charities chosen by the leaders I interviewed for the book.

I also mentioned the proprietary software we hope to launch the beta version of in 2024, if not later this year. This software will make life easier for our coaches and any coach who wants to help their clients more while saving time each week.

Finally, I’m scheduled to speak at (at least) 4 more conferences in 2023, and I’m excited to promote our coaches who are also speaking at several conferences, and one has a TED talk that should be coming out any week that I can’t wait to share.

What makes you different from other advisors and keynote speakers?

I have 25 years of both leadership and entrepreneurial experience. I’ve started several companies. I’ve failed in business. I’ve bought, sold, and merged companies.

I’m certified as an executive coach, as well as being certified as a corporate facilitator and a cultural transformation tools practitioner. I’m also certified in many other tools to help entrepreneurs and executives gain greater self-awareness and improve their performance.

I have a graduate education in leadership and an executive education in sales leadership.

I’m just finishing writing my 8th book, which I hope to make my 6th bestseller. This is all based on thousands of hours coaching entrepreneurs and executives, including many millionaires and even a few billionaires.

Finally, I have a diploma in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), one of the most powerful forms of coaching and therapy, and a certificate in entrepreneurship and innovation from Harvard Business School.

What advice would you like to give to entrepreneurs and small business owners?

First, get to know yourself. Get to know your passions, dreams, strengths, and weaknesses. If you don’t have a dream that wakes you up in the morning eager to chase it, keep dreaming until you find it.

If you’re clear on your purpose, vision, and values, and you have an idea of what sets you apart, you’ve got a fighting chance. Now, be prepared to fight. Nothing comes easy. You’re going to hear a lot of ‘no’ and, even more, nothing at all. You’ve got to develop an edge that keeps you sharp; it keeps you hungry. I can’t stress enough; you also have to stay humble and coachable. No one has all the answers, but the best entrepreneurs I know ask many questions. They are curious and eager to learn and get better. Ego kills more businesses than a lack of knowledge, in my opinion.

Finally, give back. No one makes it anywhere worthwhile alone. You’re going to receive help along the way. Don’t wait ’till you make it to give back. Find a way to give back even as you’re growing, and I promise you’ll grow faster, and you’ll enjoy the journey a lot more!

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