OSU Aims to Increase STEM Education Throughout the State

STEM Education
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OSU-Tulsa will be a part of a new statewide system project unveiled by Oklahoma State University President Dr. Kayse Shrum to increase access to STEM education and strengthen the state’s economy.

STEM is an acronym for Mathematics, Science, Technology, and Engineering.

“The state and industry will look to OSU’s Polytech to create the workforce needed to grow Oklahoma’s high-tech economy,” Shrum declared.

A new statewide system project to increase access to STEM education and strengthen the Oklahoma economy is coming to OSU-Tulsa, according to OSU President Dr. Kayse Shrum.

Shrum claims that business executives worked together to create the scheme.

To train their workforce, Shrum stated, “we’re already working with companies like PSO, OG&E, Toyota, GM, Ford, Saint Francis Health System, Hillcrest, and others.”

Chuck Hoskin Jr., principal chief of the Cherokee Nation, discussed the collaboration between OSU and Native American nations.

He declared, “They mean it when they talk about respecting stakeholders, community members, and tribal nations.” “They are more than simply words. They actually did what they said.”

OSU Polytech will build on the current OSU IT educational approach and provide flexible learning.

With its practical, skill-based, and technology-focused approach to education, that model will guarantee students well-paying stem jobs in Oklahoma.

Students in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Oklahoma City will receive hands-on education.

“We will be able to better serve industry needs by designing more impactful academic programs with the assistance of OSU Polytech,” Shrum said.

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