New ‘pay what you can’ Policy for Specialized Education Introduced

pay what you can

With the alternative schools becoming popular, the question of its accessibility to more families has been a concern.

In the recent few years, the popularity of smaller schools like charter schools and community schools has surged phenomenally. As the people begin to question the efficacy of the traditional schools for their children, as the freedom of learning through games, interactive sessions and practical activities generally happen between the classes and tests.

Morgan Oliver Community School which stands apart, where creativity and spontaneity are encouraged through every aspect of the day. Sanidia Oliver-Stone, founder and head of Morgan Oliver School said, “We’re not creating robots; we’re creating little people who are going to go out into the world and make decisions that impact everything.”

She founded this school to be different than what she and her brother experienced growing up in their schooling years. Sanidia added “We experienced a lot of school systems, and we never really had enough to feel stabilized, and that’s just hard for a kid.”

Sanidia said “And one of the things that he always believed in was the capacity of humans—what we could do and what we weren’t doing.” Now Morgan Oliver Community School represents the capacity for what the ideal education should be. “The parents and families select which tuition structure feels appropriate for their family,” said Sanidia, which is a part of its “pay what you can” tuition program.

Here the classes are small have smart and qualified teachers—Laura Arce and Heather Johnson who left traditional public schools to work in this school. The innovative curriculum focuses on representation has the students spending their time outdoors through activities, games and self-modelled learning.

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