New Digital Campus Planned in Bilston

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Midlothian Council has partnered with the University of Edinburgh to deliver a replacement Beeslack High School in Bilston. This new 1,600-place school will feature an additional support needs facility and a veterinary practice, currently housed within the University of Edinburgh’s Hospital for Small Animals at the adjacent Easter Bush campus.

The collaboration aims to link the new school with industry and academia, resulting in a high-tech educational environment. The school will include an outdoor dining area, swimming pool, and sports center, all of which will be accessible to the public outside of school hours. Designed by Architype, the school will be divided into distinct areas for teaching, arrivals, and sports, highlighted by contrasting brick and metal cladding.

The additional support needs component will be housed in a standalone structure, ensuring specialized facilities for students who require them. What sets this school apart is the integration of the Dick Vet General Practice into the campus. Designed by AtkinsRealis, this dedicated building will serve as an additional teaching resource for students, providing practical learning opportunities in veterinary science.

The overall campus will also include a separate veterinary practice on the northern site boundary, completing the comprehensive Beeslack campus. The architectural design features green and brown terracotta powder-coated metal, inspired by the nearby Pentland Hills, to create a visually appealing and cohesive environment.

This innovative partnership between Midlothian Council and the University of Edinburgh promises to deliver a state-of-the-art educational facility that combines academic learning with practical industry experience, setting a new standard for high school education in the region.

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