Marlborough College Malaysia: Impressive IB Results, Higher Skills


The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme is reputed as the gold standard in preparing students for university and professional life. IB DP graduates have “significantly higher levels of critical thinking,” compared to their matched non-DP peers, as revealed in one study in Norway, England and Australia.

The IB DP students earned higher university grades, were more likely to graduate in a timely manner and less likely to drop out of university, as compared to the traditional high school diploma students in British Columbia and Ontario. The Diploma programme alumni at universities in East Asia and Australia reflected higher capabilities for a variety of modern 21st century skills. The students from Marlborough College Malaysia (MCM) have many more benefits and skills that could be seen.

Oliver Wright, a happy progressive student of MCM since his fifth year, is expected to graduate in May 2023, says, “This was particularly true when I, unfortunately, discovered that I had selected the wrong type of IB Maths to study Economics at university. The college was incredibly helpful in finding an alternate pathway to getting into the course I wanted.”

Oliver has become an inspiring role model for other pupils at the college. He will miss the MCM community and the encouraging routine the most, although he is excited to welcome the next chapter in his life. Oliver adds further saying, “I would say that MCM excels at providing pupils with a solid framework to structure their day and get things done.” This year Oliver was honoured by appointment as one of the Senior Prefects of the College. He said, “When I joined MCM, I would have described myself as quite insecure. I would argue that the MCM community has played a big role in making me feel welcome.”