Localization in Adult Education


The B2W Group’s purpose and mission as a nationwide training provider are to offer the same high-quality training throughout all of our funding regions. Before 2020, most of the delivery was done in person, with face-to-face classes and a visible presence in the neighborhood.

For national organizations like The B2W Group, which focuses on providing the same high level of adult education to all regions of England, the devolution of local authorities offered a unique issue.

New financing and performance management guidelines established by each local authority arrived with the change. Local authorities had the authority to choose which providers to develop a financing agreement with to supply AEB for students who resided in their respective areas since money was delegated to them.

These initial Mayoral Combined Authorities are starting to set and pursue their own goals regarding how the AEB funding should be allocated to help adult learners in their communities. Authorities are primarily concerned with ensuring that the students in their communities get value for their money and want to see their “sons and daughters” thrive in adult education.

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