Educational Collaboration Recognized with National Honour


A national teaching award has been given to an inspiring collaboration of educators that includes the University of Chester.

A Pearson National Teaching Silver award winner has been chosen from among hundreds of nominations: the Liverpool HEARTS initiative.

The University, Hope School, Virtual School Liverpool, Changing Minds Child and Family Services UK, Clinical Psychologists Warrington Borough Council, and Educational Consultant Tony Clifford (Greater Cheshire West and Cheshire) are working together on the project. It was given the prize in appreciation of their extraordinary dedication to improving the lives of the kids they work with on a daily basis.

For the benefit of the entire learning community, the Liverpool HEARTS project idea was designed to improve the ability of schools in the city to address the problems of attachment and trauma.

If they were unable to establish solid bonds with their primary caregivers, children, adolescents, and adults may discover that they find it difficult to create connections and control their behavior. Trauma happens when a child, adolescent, or adult experiences excessive or overwhelming stress. Professionals must possess a solid knowledge and comprehension of attachment and trauma issues as well as how these issues may affect learning environments.

This project created a framework for 10 pilot schools to adapt “Attachment Aware and Trauma Informed Practice” ideas into their school ethos and practices. One important component of the initiative was the completion of the Attachment, Trauma and Mental Health Post Graduate Certificate by 20 leaders from ten pilot schools with assistance from the university’s school of education.

Early signs point to a positive outcome, showing that the project is having a beneficial effect and encouraging the further growth of inclusive practice.


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