EdTech Companies Bringing Global Education Learning Together


Humans are bound to learn; they are creatures of habit, the bundle of mistakes, and great learners. Technically, in this ecosystem, the survival of the human race would be challenging if it wasn’t for his intelligence and continuous learning. The major difference between learning and education is that one is a continuous process, while the other one is limited until the goal is achieved.

In recent years, the scenario has changed. The fast-changing and upgrading world is making a lot of difference in the way we live and the way we think and learn. Why do you think companies all around the world are looking for employees or leaders who have a global perspective? Having to go abroad and learn something is a costly process. There are many things that count in it like the living cost, the education quality, university, etc.

Global education over the years has gone from becoming a privilege to being mainstream. Though it was quite challenging for everyone to afford, this specific niche need of the public was recognised by the EdTech companies. As educator George Couros states, “Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational,” most EdTech companies came up with innovative learning methods, enhancing the relationship between teachers and learners. Here is how it is bringing the global education under one rood of learning:

Personalised Model of Learning

Personalised learning in today’s industry and education scenario is not the want but the demand of the global landscape across the world. The generational shift seen in the education sector has given rise to a personalised learning model rather than sticking to one fixed model of education. This way, EdTech companies have shifted the focus from education to learning and given the students the liberty to hone their skills and learn what they want to learn and not what they get to learn!

Liberty to Learn Freely

One of the major reasons why EdTech companies have gained a quick response from educators all over the world is because it offers flexibility in their learning model. The students have the liberty to set their time of learning and learn at their own pace. Moreover, the personalised learning model acts as an advantage because the students choose what they are interested in and learn those things to develop their skills.

Collaborations with the Leading Universities across the World

Oftentimes, on the internet, when you are scrolling through loads of content, you would often find the top universities across the world collaborating with new and rising EdTech companies. This unique approach has brought students from all around the globe under one virtual roof. This way, the universities get to enhance their online presence and content while closing the gap between the education sector and the changing dynamics of the modern industries.

Innovation Meets the Needs of Modern Population

Today, EdTech has become a major industry relevant to the modern-day requirement. EdTech companies serve one of the major sectors and are derived from modern technology. Due to their innovative approach, EdTech companies can meet the contemporary requirement of the highly tech-dependent generation. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic offered the required boost to the population unlocking the full potential of this comparatively new platform learning venture, EdTech.

Catering Learners and not just Students

Who do you think is most benefitted from the EdTech companies? Well, the obvious answer would-be students. However, the major benefiter of EdTech in the initial stages was the working-class people. As it offered more flexibility, and many professionals were looking for a way out to make a career shift or stay relevant to the industry’s new requirements. As most of the professionals are actual learners, EdTech companies brought them closer to the industry and changed global education’s focus from teaching to learning. Also, an interesting fact about EdTech is that most people opting for it are learners who focus on learning and do not receive a formal certificate of education.

Bringing Learners and Educators Together

EdTech companies have innovated learning and education completely. But how exactly have they been doing that? Their collaboration with the universities is not the only answer to this. EdTech Companies have their own team of professional educators who are also experts in their industries, enhance the learning process, and give the learners a hands-on industry experience. This way, the companies not only close the industry gap but also bring the interested learners and prominent educators from across the globe together under one virtual roof.

Interestingly, the format of EdTech companies has been innovated over the years a lot. Those are not just restricted to students watching the screen and learning from educators present in the boxes. All these advantages accumulate under the process of learning and make the learning process more fun, person-oriented, and cater to bringing relevance to education quality worldwide.

  • Ashlesh Khadse

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