Discovery Education Launches Bath HQ


Discovery Education’s relocation of its headquarters from London to Bath marks an important milestone for the company. The move follows its acquisition of Bath-based Doodle Learning, solidifying its presence in the city and showcasing its commitment to the local community. The new Bath headquarters will serve as a hub for Discovery Education’s UK and International teams, allowing them to deliver their renowned digital learning services to millions of students worldwide.

The choice of Bath as the new location is strategic, considering the city’s reputation as a growing center for technology and innovation. The proximity to Bristol Airport and easy access to London via a short train ride further enhances the convenience for partners and collaborators.

Beyond its business operations, Discovery Education has demonstrated its commitment to the local community by partnering with Bath-based charity Mentoring Plus and participating in various community initiatives. The company’s engagement with the Bath Digital Festival and its recruitment of interns and placement students from the esteemed University of Bath highlight its dedication to supporting the development of young talent.

The opening ceremony was attended by key executives, including CEO Jeremy Cowdrey and UK and International Managing Director Howard Lewis, showcasing their enthusiasm for the new chapter in Discovery Education’s journey. With the new headquarters serving as a focal point for their global business, the company is poised to continue delivering innovative digital learning solutions and making a positive impact on students’ educational experiences worldwide.

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