DE Department of Education Introduced New K-12 Math Framework

DE Department

In its objective of defining effective and equitable Math systems in the state, offering a concrete direction to the education leaders and resources to enable the students with a great education, the Department of Education released the Delaware K-12 mathematics framework on Friday, 20th January 2023.

Just after New Mexico, Delaware is the only second state to release a state-wide mathematics framework equipped with high-quality instructional material that facilitates professional learning, as mentioned by the Delaware Department of Education. Some key components of the new mathematics framework include the engagement of families and community partners, professional development of teachers, and usage of high-quality, grade-suitable material, respectively.

The new framework identifies five key elements and interconnected components of effective mathematics systems. Every component comprises of resources to guide school and school system leaders in its execution, a set of core actions, and the subsequent planning considerations. Its academic aspect highlights the use of high-quality material by all the teachers to ensure all students have meaningful access to grade-appropriate, culturally responsive Tier 1 mathematics instructions. The collaborative leadership component of an effective mathematics system includes a shared vision and a sense of responsibility that brings educators together in service of student success.

In the aspect of high-quality professional learning, all educators engage in high-quality professional learning that builds their capacity to ensure excellent, equitable mathematics instruction within their role and context. All resources–including time, knowledge, materials, talent, expectations, and learning opportunities are allocated equitably to ensure that every adult and student can succeed, from the aspect of a culture of access and equity. The fifth important component in an effective mathematics system that comprises community and family engagement— families and other stakeholders, including educator preparation programs, are welcomed equitably and leveraged effectively as vital partners in executing school systems’ mathematics visions.

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