Brightways Learning hosts 5th Annual Educational Confluence

Annual Educational Confluence
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Around 80 educators from Montana and Alaska attended the 5th annual Educational Confluence to learn more about teacher resilience, which began on June 13, 2024. Teachers participated in exercises and activities to learn how to effectively care for themselves and their kids during the school year.

“I believe that today’s youth require a wide array of experiences. They require a variety of perspectives and must be swift since children expect results and a prompt response,” said Beth Buchanan, an Educational Consultant at Brightways Learning.

Teachers are also exploring how to better adapt to today’s shifting learning landscape, which is influenced by technology and social media in an increasing number of areas of children’s life.
“There might have been a time when a hammer and a wrench would have been enough, but now, we need Home Depot next door,” Buchanan said, referring to the various ways teachers employ to control children. The event also featured numerous keynote speakers who discussed how to improve communication with children and the community.

Micah Hill, Suprintendent and Keynote speaker said, “I believe the most important thing is that it begins with relationships. You have to build trust, be transparent in what you’re doing, lead with vision and communicate that to your group, and ultimately that comes from our school board and our community.” The educational confluence will end at 4:30 p.m. on June 17.

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