Arkansas Gov Sarah Sanders Declares New Education Reform Plan

Arkansas Gov Sarah Sanders

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Arkansas governor declared her Arkansas LEARNS Plan for education reform to increase the salaries of teachers to a minimum amount of $50,000 and equip schools to maximize their literacy and career preparedness.

Sarah said on Wednesday that “This is the most substantial overhaul of our state’s education system in Arkansas history and frankly it couldn’t come soon enough.”

Referring to her national address she made the earlier night, Sarah said, “As I said in my remarks, I believe that giving every child access to a quality education is the civil rights issue of our day.”

Apart from the new minimum salary for the teachers, the new Arkansas LEARNS plan also includes bonuses for high-performing teachers. This plan will be extending support like reading coaches in schools, complete student loan forgiveness for Arkansas teachers and tutoring grants of $500 for the schools with students not meeting early education, “reading benchmarks”, Sarah stated.

Sarah promised to offer the parents with a choice as to whether their children attend the school regardless of the type of home-school, parochial, private, or public.

The Arkansas Governor mentioned the announcement is keeping up on her campaign promise highlight education as the “hallmark” of her administration as governor.

“We will never subject our kids to indoctrination and we will never, ever expose our young children to inappropriate material,” Sarah said. “Most importantly, this legislation ensures that every Arkansas student graduates with the education and training they need to succeed in life.”

Arkansas LEARNS, Sanders said, is a “comprehensive blueprint to meet teachers’ needs, respect parents’ rights and most importantly deliver the quality education that our kids deserve.”