University of Nevada, Reno Music School Renamed to Department of Music

University of Nevada

The University of Nevada, Reno, has undertaken a significant transformation in the world of music education by officially renaming its Department of Music as the University of Nevada, Reno, School of Music. This transition is the culmination of years of planning and development within the department, which has seen remarkable growth and expansion.

The decision to rename the department as a School of Music was initiated over four years ago, driven by faculty discussions and the department’s evolving music offerings. Notable factors contributing to this change include the development of a strong applied faculty, the introduction of a Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) program in music, and the inauguration of the University Foundation Arts Building, a cutting-edge facility that encompasses rehearsal spaces, practice rooms, state-of-the-art recording studios, and an electroacoustic composition lab.

The University of Nevada, Reno School of Music, now has a refined mission: to provide a world-class education to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing careers in music while also offering enriching musical experiences to students from all disciplines. The school continues to serve approximately 3,000 non-music major students annually through courses like Music Appreciation and various music ensembles.

The transition to a School of Music signifies the university’s deepened commitment to music education and its recognition of the discipline’s vital role in academia. Students and faculty alike have praised the change, emphasizing its benefits in terms of specialized training, enhanced resources, and elevated prestige.

To celebrate this significant milestone, the University of Nevada, Reno, School of Music is hosting a School of Music Festival from October 18 to 21, 2023. The festival will feature a range of events, including concerts, faculty conversations, spotlight performances, and a School of Music Gala, providing an opportunity for the university and the community to come together in celebration of the arts and music.

The renaming of the department to a School of Music reflects the university’s dedication to fostering excellence in music education and its commitment to providing students with a world-class musical experience.

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