Habib University Reveals Its New Learning Facilities

Habib University

Habib University has launched the “Horizon” initiative, aiming to promote quality education and support research in Pakistan. The initiative was unveiled at an event attended by prominent figures in Pakistan, including Unilever Pakistan CEO Amir Paracha, Nutshell Group founder Azfar Ahsan, and Dawlance CEO Umar Ahsan Khan.

Habib University has developed a unique and world-class liberal arts curriculum designed to be contextually relevant to the South Asian context and heritage. This curriculum aims to provide students with a holistic education that fosters critical thinking, creativity, and a deeper understanding of their cultural and societal surroundings.

Wasif Rizvi, President of Habib University, expressed gratitude to the community for their support and commitment to the cause of education. He emphasized the importance of robust educational infrastructure in nurturing the minds of future generations.

Amir Paracha highlighted the significance of transforming education to meet global expectations. He emphasized that employees should be seen as investments rather than costs, especially in the education sector, where nurturing talent is crucial.

Dr. Sarah Stein Greenberg from Stanford d.School stressed the importance of modern, thoughtfully designed learning environments. She pointed out that well-designed spaces are essential for students’ intellectual journeys, aligning with the idea that modern education demands modern spaces.

The Horizon initiative reflects a commitment to advancing education and research in Pakistan, with a focus on creating an environment that empowers students to excel academically and contribute meaningfully to society.

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