First-Time Experiential Education Fairs Encourage Students to Focus on the Future

Experiential Education

The University of Arkansas recently hosted its inaugural Experiential Education Fair, celebrating hands-on learning opportunities for students. Co-hosted by the HIP Collaborative, Offices of Career Connections, and the Office of Study Abroad and International Exchange, the event aimed to connect students with future career prospects, internships, and study abroad opportunities.

Spread across three distinct areas of the Arkansas Union, the fair allowed students to explore and engage with different facets of experiential learning. Attendees had the opportunity to interact with representatives from 70 organizations spanning various industries, providing insights into internships, potential career paths, and networking opportunities.

The fair showcased high-impact practices through its “Show and Tell” section, allowing students to discover and understand the value of hands-on experiences. It also emphasized the importance of faculty-led study abroad programs, the U of A’s Rome Center, and exchange programs in nearly 50 countries, encouraging students to engage with the global community.

Deb Korth, Assistant Dean of Student Success, expressed excitement about the collaboration and emphasized the significance of providing access to high-impact practices essential for student learning and fostering a culture of continuous learning.

Erica Estes, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Executive Director of Career Connections, highlighted the success of the fair, stating that it was the best-attended all-careers fair hosted by the university. She emphasized the event’s importance in demystifying the post-graduation career world, helping students connect their coursework with future career prospects.

The event’s success was attributed to the combined efforts of faculty, staff, and students, reflecting the university’s commitment to student success and engagement. Plans are already underway to host the experiential education fair again in February 2024.

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