First Group of Students From the Kuki Community Arrives At Kannur University To Pursue Their Study


On September 19, 10 students from Manipur arrived in Kannur, Kerala, to continue their higher education, thanks to the welcoming initiative by Kannur University. University officials greeted the students at the Kannur airport and organized a warm reception attended by KK Shailaja, MLA, and Vice-Chancellor Gopinath Raveendran, among other dignitaries.

This move came in response to a request from the Kuki Students Organisation to provide educational opportunities to students who had to leave their homes in Manipur due to internal strife. In a syndicate meeting held on July 7, the university decided to allow these students to enroll in various courses.

The first batch of students included those who had to discontinue their studies mid-way and those aspiring to pursue research studies. These students received assistance from the Kuki Students Organisation for their travel to Kannur.

Many of these students lacked the proper documents required for their courses due to their sudden displacement. The university has shown flexibility, allowing them time to provide the necessary documents as their courses progress.

The students are enrolling in a variety of courses, including BBA, LLB, MA (English), History, Political Science, Commerce, Sociology, Ancient History and Archaeology, Chemistry, and Computer Science. They will be admitted to various colleges under Kannur University.

To facilitate their stay and education, a committee has been formed, including the university registrar, syndicate members, and faculty members. This committee will address accommodation and hostel facilities, as the university expects a significant financial burden.

The Manipur students expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to continue their studies in Kannur. They described feeling safe in the welcoming environment and thanked Kerala for its kindness during their difficult times.

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