Concerns: Canadian Indian Students’ Job Prospects

Indian Students

The relationship between India and Canada is facing challenges, with diplomatic tensions and, more significantly, a lack of job opportunities for Indian students in Canada. In 2022, India was the top source country for new international students in Canada, with 226,450 Indian students entering the country for higher education. However, many Indian students are expressing concerns about the scarcity of job opportunities, making their future uncertain. The high cost of living in cities like Toronto adds to their challenges, forcing students to live in cramped conditions to save on rent and utilities. The diplomatic standoff between the two countries, triggered by allegations from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has further complicated matters.

Despite the diplomatic tensions, the University of Toronto has reassured its international student community, emphasizing its commitment to supporting their well-being. The university has over 2,400 international students from India and maintains longstanding partnerships with academic collaborations in India.

Indian students in Canada describe their situation as being stuck between a rock and a hard place. They highlight the financial sacrifices made by their parents to fund their education in Canada, and the current lack of job opportunities has left them struggling to make ends meet. The escalating diplomatic row between India and Canada, with India asking Canada to withdraw several dozen diplomats, adds an additional layer of complexity to the challenges faced by Indian students in the country. Despite these difficulties, the number of Indian students in Canada has been on the rise, reaching 320,000 with active study permits at the end of December 2022, indicating a growth of 47% over the previous year.

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