YouTube Enters Education Market with Its New Tool


YouTube, one of the biggest streaming platforms has announced its entrance into the digital education tools market with the introduction of Player for Education. According to the announcement, the company will offer a new version of its site, customized for schools and colleges. Along with this, the tool is also said to be introducing features beneficial for educational content creators and institutions.

YouTube’s Player for Education would allow creators to offer online classes for a fee or free. The company in its official blog has stated that the new tool would help improve the existing YouTube player in Google Classroom and provide a better experience.

The video giant is initially working with EDpuzzle Inc., Purdue University Global Inc., and Google Classroom to filter the content from its abundant collection of videos. According to reports the U.S. and South Korea would experience the tool in beta.

YouTube has been a large platform for learning with different ‘how to’ tutorials and already has established viewership. The introduction of the new tool and its impact on the users might incline on the brighter side.

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