Windgate Foundation and SAU Maintain their Collaboration to Improve Lives and Education


With the help of a ground-breaking, multi-year donation of $400,000 from the Windgate Foundation, Southern Arkansas University is pleased to announce the continuation of their cooperation. Over a two-year period, this award will contribute $200,000 annually to the College of Education and Human Performance and the Windgate Scholars Program, which targets students who are the most economically disadvantaged.

The Windgate Foundation’s significant support of SAU is essential to fostering an education that prepares our students to become visionary leaders, skilled critical thinkers, and competent problem solvers who will be able to significantly impact our global society. Students who frequently represent trailblazers in their families going to college, aspirational business owners positioned to change industries, and non-traditional learners starting a path back to school after life-altering events are all greatly impacted by this support. At SAU, all of these different students feel at home, and their support has a lasting impact that shapes generations to come.

For the academic years 2024–2025 and 2025–2026, a $200,000 allotment for pass-through scholarships will be used to provide need-based assistance to undergraduates who qualify for Federal Pell Grants across a range of degree programs.

The monies allocated specifically for the College of Education and Human Performance will enable both faculty and students, guaranteeing that they are equipped to play significant roles as leaders and educators in the fields of education and classroom instruction of today. These tools will help remove roadblocks from students’ path toward graduation, further education, and meaningful, impactful careers.

The Little Rock, Arkansas-based Windgate Foundation was founded in 1993 with the goal of advancing modern craft and bolstering visual arts education in the country. Additionally, the charity offers assistance to young people in the state of Arkansas.Windgate Foundation websiteThe Windgate Foundation has given SAU more than $1.2 million in the past five years to improve our academic programs and improve the lives of our students.

The dedication and kindness of the Windgate Foundation will strengthen SAU’s aim to support students’ access, opportunity, and academic performance, which will in turn spark positive change in our community and beyond. Over the course of the funding, this partnership will greatly increase at least 50 students’ annual access to high-quality education.

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