Westford University College: Building and Shaping the Future of Business Education

Westford University College
Westford University College

“Change is the law of life, and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

  • John F. Kennedy

Technological advancements are defining the future of the world. The proof of this can be seen in the reflection of the change in the business paradigm. Today, technology has successfully managed to make a place for itself in everyone’s life. Technology, given in the hands of humans, has escalated quickly from becoming a privilege to a necessity.

The inclusion of technology in business has eased and smoothened the code of conduct business, but on the other hand, it has brought an effective change that is redefining the business paradigm.

Though the code of conduct has been the same since the introduction of the barter system, the inclusion of technology in business has significantly changed the minor loopholes in the code of conduct of business.

Now that the world has successfully adopted the inevitable change that came as complimentary with technology, the need to enhance and upgrade the education standard with respect to the current business paradigm has become necessary to surf the rising wave.

Moreover, the current tide in the business education space is demanding change; with globalization bringing the world closer with every passing minute, the demand for quality and diverse business education with respect to contemporary commercial practices has surged drastically.

While the most prominent business schools and universities are struggling to find a mid-way-out to connect business education with the present-day industrial scenario, some universities are nurturing students holistically by equipping them with the required skills to excel.

In our quest to find ‘Best Universities to Study Business in Asia, 2022,’ we came across Westford University College, which is redefining the commercial education paradigm shift from the contemporary business world.

In an exclusive conversation with The Education View, Mr Hanil Das, Co-founder and CEO of Westford University College, shares his journey through the transition of business education and how the college has nurtured students to become future business leaders.

A Humble Story of Inception

Westford Education Society had a very humble beginning in the year 2009. Started small under the flagship of Westford School of Management with only three personnel and one person from Pearson, UK. However, as other courses were introduced, the college rebranded itself, and Westford University College was established.

The inception of this educational institute has had the entrepreneurial approach of the educational enthusiast’s founders. Noticing the inadequacies in the education system in the Middle East, they founded Westford University College with a noble philosophy of providing graduates with experiences and opportunities that would prepare them for an excellent career in the corporate space.

Talking about the inception story of Westford University College, Mr Hanil Das says, “It was decided that the institute’s strength was in providing executive education to professionals looking to further their careers. As a result, it focused on executive education and developed a curriculum unlike any other institute in the region. It seeks to be student-centred, providing a comprehensive picture of the company, its working environment, and the community in which it operates. Furthermore, it preserves a multicultural learning atmosphere because students worldwide enrol here to advance their professions.”

A Diverse Couse to Create a Global Community of Lifelong Learners

Being a college of business aiming to open the door of opportunities in the corporate sector for the students, Westford University College pride itself on providing its students with a diverse course and a lifelong learning experience.

Highlighting the course offerings at Westford University College, Mr Hanil Das says, “Beginning with the L3 foundation programme, we offer HND, BABM, MBA, DBA, and other professional programmes. Westford, which has an advantage over its more recent E-universities due to its more than ten years of experience in the education field, has worked with international universities and awarding organisations to put together the most beneficial combination of opportunities and certifications for career development.”

Further to provide undergraduate aspirants with a complete experience of business studies, Westford University College has curated a unique blend of qualifications from UK-based universities such as Liverpool John Moores University, Canterbury Christ Church University, University of Gloucestershire, and Abertay University, along with the opportunity to begin with a Higher National Diploma from Pearson, UK.

Westford University College has introduced a unique program for its MBA aspirants; explaining the delicacies of this program, Mr Hanil Das says, “The MBA aspirants are offered a “Triple Crown MBA” which focuses on professional networking and practitioner training apart from academic qualifications that come from reputed universities in the UK and Spain namely, Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK, UCAM Spain, CCCU, UK and Girne American University, Cyprus, University of Gloucestershire.”

Since its inception, Westford University College has been adding new courses to its curriculum to stay relevant to the changing business paradigm. A recent addition to the prestigious portfolio of WUC is the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program from UCAM, Spain. Additionally, WUC and the University of California, Los Angeles Extension (UCLA Extension) worked together to offer the industry players an excellent ‘Online Leadership & Management Development Program’.

“Westford has an international status for delivering excellence. Westford prides itself in having a strong student-faculty relationship. It nurtures an environment of lifelong learning, teaching, research, and discovery. We build our brand by aiming to make our students corporate-ready,” Mr Hanil Das further added.

Mr Hanil Das – A Visionary Leader Dedicated to Service

Mr Hanil Das is the Co-founder of Westford Education Group and CEO of Westford University College. Mr Das holds an MBA from Bangalore University and has completed the Leadership and Management Development Program from the University of California, Los Angeles Extension. Being a visionary edupreneur, a higher education professional and a strategist, he also has over a decade of experience in the higher education sector.

Talking about his contribution to the growth of WUC, the college management says, “Mr Hanil has contributed to the growth and management of Westford Education Group. He has forged multiple alliances, as well as established varied operations and channel management strategies in the Middle Eastern, European and South Asian branches of educational institutions that fall under the Westford umbrella. Under his leadership, Westford University College has been recognized as one of the top business schools in the Middle East. He aspires to take Westford to new heights and provide the best higher education services in the region.”

Smooth Transition in the Future

The education sector has transitioned toward a growing share of online teaching and learning activities in recent years. While most colleges and universities now include an e-learning program in their curriculum, Westford University College offers an option to applicants to pursue higher education via a blended learning pedagogical approach.

Explaining this unique learning program for the future, Mr Hanil Das briefly shares, “Given the changing trends and demand for online education, Westford aims to transition towards online teaching and learning completely. Westford University College’s online section, known as ‘Westford Uni Online,’ which promotes the motto ‘Study Anytime Anywhere’ with a good work-life-study balance, was established as a result of our success there. Our goal is to become a company that provides learning aspirants around the world with an accessible, high-quality education.”

Creating Lifelong Learners

Westford University College is one of the ideal destinations for students in UAE to study business. Since the college puts students’ growth first, the college encourages its students to be lifelong learners.

Emphasizing such initiatives started by WUC, Mr Hanil Das says, “Westford provides several programmes to encourage students and graduates to continue learning throughout their lives. Our Westford Mentorship Program offers a venue for alumni and current bachelor’s and master’s students to enhance their mentoring and leadership abilities. Another venue for young people to meet and learn from experts in various fields is our Westford Youth Business Leadership Program (YBLP).”

Aiming for Holistic Development

Westford University College has developed a personalized learning approach in its curriculum to provide a holistic environment for the students to thrive. As the students studying at the college hail from different parts of the world, bringing them on the same page is the only for them to complete their learning arc. With a carefully curated blend of traditional and modern learning, the methodologies cater to all types of students, and various other initiatives reflect different approaches to teaching, learning and engagement.

Explaining this arc of holistic development in students, Mr Hamil Das says, “With the inculcation of technology, career improvement programs, bridging academic and personal growth, and committing to broader inclusions the institute helps students have all the tools needed to step into the real world and face challenges. The faculty members hail from varied backgrounds and possess vast knowledge that enables learners to see and experience diverse leadership styles. This results in the immediate benefit for students to increase their intellectual engagement, personal motivation, cultural engagement, and critical thinking, making them better scholars, thinkers, and citizens.”

Preparing Students for the Students

Westford University College is built on the very principle of providing to upgrade and upskill one’s knowledge and learning. Explaining the grooming process of students for the future, Mr Hamil Das says, Westford provides programmes that are focused on one’s professional development without interfering with one’s job life. Upskilling was a focus of our Management Development Program (MDP), Professional Development Programs (PDP), and programmes. The MBA and DBA concentrations, meanwhile, are concerned with improving one’s educational background.”

“At Westford, we understand that, with the corporate world evolving, the workforce will value employees who have a quest for learning and are investing in upgrading themselves. Professionals continuously enhancing their education will be perceived to be more adaptable and agile and make better leaders. Hence, Westford offers the right platform for lifelong learning without compromising work or life,” Mr Hamil Das added further.

Pee-ka-boo into the Future

Envisioning the commitment of WUC for the future, Mr Hamil Das says, “We at Westford are committed to making education affordable and easily accessible to young adults and working professionals around the world. In view of this, the institution seeks to expand its reach across Asia through our subsidiary “Westford Campus” in an onsite or online setting to benefit these individuals. Across the region, you’ll find us offering courses at all levels from leading UK universities.”


Westford University College’s mission is to build a global community of learners and leaders by delivering industry-relevant programs across all levels. The college is committed to transforming how individuals and organizations epitomize knowledge, focusing on empowering our students through educational leadership and collaborations.


Westford University College is in the business of transformations – individuals, organizations, and society. The programs are designed to complement the degree, which leads to a job and career that utilizes the passions and skills of the students. WUC’s vision is to be a premier management Institution operating globally through excellence in quality education and research.

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