Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School: Epitomizing Excellence in Hospitality Education

Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School

Imagine a place where hospitality education meets world-class training right in the heart of the Middle East. Welcome to Vatel Bahrain, a renowned school nestled in the Kingdom of Bahrain. As a proud member of the global Vatel network, an esteemed collection of top-tier hotel and tourism business schools spanning the globe, Vatel Bahrain shines as a true gem.

What fuels Vatel Bahrain’s spirit? It’s all about delivering top-notch education and training in the exciting world of hospitality management. But it’s not just about education; it’s a mission. In the Middle East, this institution is on a quest to shape the region’s hospitality industry. How? By nurturing a new generation of skilled professionals—individuals armed with knowledge, practical skills, and a rich cultural perspective. These are the essential ingredients for thriving in the dynamic global hospitality arena.

Vatel Bahrain has its eyes set on the horizon. The goal? To prepare students for leadership roles that will define the future of the industry. The approach is a perfect blend of classroom learning, hands-on practice, and a celebration of diversity. With this holistic strategy, Vatel Bahrain crafts graduates who are ready to take on the world of hospitality, armed with both theoretical know-how and practical prowess. It’s a journey that’s shaping the leaders of tomorrow’s hospitality landscape.

Elevating Distinction in Hospitality Education

Vatel Bahrain is committed to upholding academic excellence through the provision of comprehensive and pertinent hospitality management programs. The institution places a strong emphasis on maintaining rigorous educational standards and infusing industry best practices into its curriculum. This ensures that students receive an education of the highest quality, attuned to the evolving demands of the dynamic hospitality sector.

Situated in the culturally diverse Middle East, Vatel Bahrain fully embraces and celebrates this diversity. The institution strives to cultivate a multicultural learning environment where cross-cultural comprehension, mutual respect, and genuine appreciation thrive. By bringing together students from various cultural backgrounds, Vatel Bahrain actively readies them for success in hospitality settings that transcend borders, emphasizing the pivotal signi_icance of cultural sensitivity and effective cross-cultural communication.

Integral to Vatel Bahrain’s approach is its steadfast connection to the local and regional hospitality industry. The institution has forged strong bonds with leading hotels, resorts, and other prominent hospitality establishments both locally and internationally. This collaborative engagement empowers Vatel Bahrain to harmonize its educational offerings with the exacting requirements of the industry. It also facilitates hands-on training experiences, internships, and viable job placements for its students.

A core aspect of Vatel Bahrain’s commitment is nurturing the professional growth of its students. The institution extends an array of resources, encompassing career services, networking events, and inspirational guest speakers. These resources substantiate students’ journey through career exploration, internships, and the pursuit of gainful employment. Vatel Bahrain’s overarching goal is to endow graduates with not only the essential skills and knowledge but also invaluable industry connections, paving the way for prosperous careers within the ever-vibrant hospitality arena.

At its heart, Vatel Bahrain’s mission within the Middle East encompasses the delivery of unparalleled excellence in hospitality education. This mission is intrinsically linked to fostering cross-cultural understanding and preparing its students to ascend into influential leadership roles within the flourishing hospitality sector of the region.

Fostering Well-Rounded Hospitality Professionals

Vatel provides undergraduate and postgraduate programs designed to provide students with a solid foundation in hospitality management principles and practices. The curriculum encompasses various subjects, including hotel operations, tourism management, event planning, marketing, finance, human resources, and strategic management. By combining theoretical learning with practical training, Vatel Bahrain aims to develop well-rounded professionals who can thrive in various roles within the hospitality sector. The students receive a unique style of learning throughout the degree. This is due to the organization of this course, in which, in the first semester, students spend a week on campus and the week after off campus in the practical application in the partner hotels.

Comprehensive Approach to Internships, Industry Partnerships, and Career Development

Vatel Bahrain is deeply committed to enriching students’ education and professional growth by facilitating internships and practical training experiences. The school employs a range of strategies and resources to ensure students gain hands-on exposure and industry insights, thereby enhancing their readiness for successful careers in the hospitality sector:

  • Industry Partnerships: Vatel Bahrain has cultivated strong alliances with leading hotels, resorts, and hospitality organizations in both Bahrain and the wider region. Through formal Memorandums of Understanding, these partnerships share the common goal of delivering top-quality training and experience to students. These collaborations open the door to a diverse array of internship and training opportunities closely aligned with students’ individual interests, skills, and career aspirations.
  • Internship Placement Services: The presence of a dedicated “Practical Application and Internship Manager” underscores Vatel Bahrain’s commitment. This manager assists students in securing valuable internships by leveraging their industry relationships and expertise. Beyond that, they guide students in preparing resumes, mastering interview skills, and cultivating networking abilities to enhance their prospects of securing desired internships.
  • Career Fairs and Networking Events: Vatel Bahrain proactively organizes career fairs, open days, and networking events that directly connect students with professionals from diverse hospitality organizations. These interactions enable students to explore potential internship and employment avenues in a firsthand and interactive manner.
  • Alumni Network: Vatel Bahrain boasts an international network of successful alums who are actively engaged in the hospitality industry. The school leverages this network as a valuable resource, facilitating connections between current students and alums. These connections offer mentorship, guidance, and even potential internship opportunities.
  • International Opportunities: Vatel Bahrain extends international possibilities through programs such as the “Marco Polo” initiative. Exceptional second-year students may participate in this program, which allows them to pursue the second year of the programme in other Vatel campuses globally. Additionally, students are mandated to undertake internships in France during their second year and in English-speaking countries during their final year. These international experiences broaden students’ horizons, provide a global perspective, expand their professional network, help them discover different cultures, shape them to be global citizens, and bring great value since the industry is global and multicultural.

At Vatel, the commitment to career support is embedded throughout the entire four-year program rather than being limited to the final year or graduating students. The concept of “Practical Application and Internship” is a core element of the program. This holistic approach ensures that students, from their entry to graduation, are immersed in real-life experiences and networking opportunities that pave the way for successful employment upon graduation. The comprehensive nature of this approach allows students to explore various departments, discover their true passions, engage with numerous properties and global events, and cultivate connections with potential future employers. Students graduate with two years of experience, which leads to having more than 50 per cent of its graduates securing jobs before graduation.

Adapting to the Digital Era

In order to keep pace with the rapidly evolving demands of the industry, Vatel Bahrain leverages modern technological advancements to ensure the highest quality of education. The school integrates a web-based learning management system (LMS) to manage student interactions and communications effectively. Additionally, Vatel Bahrain offers training in contemporary industry specific software like Opera, an exclusive room-booking program designed for the hospitality sector. Equipping students with digital proficiency is fundamental, and at Vatel Bahrain, special emphasis is placed on imparting essential digital skills throughout the degree program. Notably, nurturing professional development is also pivotal in effectively harnessing the potential of these technological resources. The institute states, “Our lecturers receive thorough training to optimize their usage of the digital resources available in every single classroom.

Beyond Employment

Vatel Bahrain derives great pride from the achievements of its inaugural Vatel graduates, particularly the remarkable strides they’ve taken upon entering the workforce. The esteemed alums of the institution have successfully established themselves in diverse roles across the GCC region, encompassing positions such as Reservation Supervisor, Front Desk Team Supervisor, and HR Officer. While securing employment is undoubtedly a significant accomplishment, Vatel Bahrain holds the conviction that genuine success for both its students and the program extends far beyond mere job placements.

Numerous graduates have pursued their passions across various sectors of the industry, and the institution has had the privilege of observing their unwavering commitment flourish into thriving careers. Many have attained coveted titles such as Chef de Partie and Demi Chef de Partie, titles they had long aspired to and diligently strived for. Moreover, a select group of local students has showcased remarkable courage by venturing abroad to countries like France to advance their careers, thus accentuating the outstanding quality of Vatel Bahrain’s graduates.

Cultivating a Global Perspective

Recognizing the pivotal role of cultural understanding in excelling within the hospitality industry, Vatel Bahrain places significant emphasis on fostering diversity and inclusivity. This objective is ingrained in the institution’s culture. The academic program features specialized courses, including geopolitics, Arabic culture, and multicultural management, which delve into various facets of human culture and behavior.

Beyond the academic realm, Vatel Bahrain’s multicultural student body provides a firsthand immersion into different cultures. Working and studying alongside peers from diverse backgrounds, both on-campus and during international off-campus experiences, exposes students to a rich tapestry of perspectives. This is further enhanced for students to pursue international internships during their 2nd and 3rd academic years, which introduces them to new ideologies, cultures, and invaluable connections.

Vatel School has crafted an international program called Marco Polo designed to equip students with the necessary skills and experiences.

This comprehensive program entails several key components:

  • Proficiency in English, recognized as the global lingua franca, is a fundamental requirement. Additionally, students are encouraged to master another foreign language to broaden their communication abilities.
  • A crucial facet of the program is the mandatory international internship. This internship experience is a pivotal element in preparing students for the challenges of the contemporary hospitality industry.
  • An integral part of Vatel’s commitment to international education is the “Marco Polo Program.” This unique initiative offers students the opportunity to spend a semester abroad at one of the esteemed Vatel schools located worldwide. During this time, students not only immerse themselves in a different academic environment but also gain exposure to distinct teaching methods, diverse perspectives, and, of course, foreign cultures.
  • For those who wish to maximize their overseas experience, there is an option to extend their stay by completing their internship in a hotel within the host country. This enriching opportunity allows students to acclimate varying lifestyles, fostering personal growth and providing valuable insights from academic, cultural, and linguistic perspectives.

Vatel Bahrain’s commitment to inclusivity extends to its annual exchange program, where international students from esteemed colleges in France join the community. This amalgamation of local and international students, combined with exchange participants, culminates in a uniquely diverse and inclusive cultural environment.

The institution’s efforts in this direction have been recognized with the honor of receiving the International Student Ratio Award at the Global Higher Education Exhibition (GHEDEX) Awards for Excellence in Higher Education 2023. This achievement underscores Vatel Bahrain’s dedication to nurturing an educational landscape that embraces and celebrates diversity, contributing to the holistic growth and global outlook of its students.

Pioneering Hospitality Education

Like institutions across various domains, hospitality management schools such as Vatel Bahrain encounter their own set of challenges. A prominent hurdle lies in the sector’s reputation within this region. There’s a misconception that the hospitality industry only offers front desk roles, a notion that fails to capture the diversity of opportunities available. Lavish hotels and establishments boast multifaceted departments akin to other corporate entities, vital for seamless functioning. The industry’s image suffers from limited awareness, a result of its relative newness in the Middle East’s educational landscape.

Vatel Bahrain steadfastly pursues its mission to nurture versatile professionals for the _ield, despite these perceptions. Another challenge lies in sourcing academically accomplished individuals in this part of the world. Once again, this stems from the nascent nature of hospitality education in the Middle East. Nonetheless, Vatel remains dedicated to surmounting these challenges as it strives to cultivate a new generation of industry leaders.

Fostering Ethical and Sustainable Leaders

Vatel Bahrain empowers students with essential skills to navigate workplace challenges, including those unique to the hospitality sector. The curriculum integrates specialized courses focused on ethical decision-making, sustainable practices, responsible tourism, and environmental stewardship. Through subjects like Sustainable Development, HR Management and Leadership, and Vatel Sustainable Development Project (VSDP), students grasp and apply sustainable principles.

Real-world applications, guest speakers, research projects, and industry collaborations expose students to ethical and sustainability dilemmas faced by the industry. This hands-on approach cultivates critical thinking, decision-making, and analytical skills. Vatel Bahrain ensures graduates are well-equipped to propose solutions to intricate challenges and contribute effectively to responsible practices in hospitality and beyond.

Enriching the Learning Journey

Apart from their regular academic studies, students at Vatel Bahrain are presented with a wide array of chances to participate in extracurricular activities. These activities serve to enhance their overall learning experience and foster a deeper understanding of the hospitality industry. One of these notable activities is the annual “Vatel Talks,” an event focused on public speaking held within the institution. This event not only provides students with a distinctive platform to present and discuss their personal journeys in the hospitality _ield but also serves as a means to refine and bolster their communication abilities.

Additionally, Vatel Bahrain plays host to the much-anticipated “Expertise Week,” during which seasoned industry professionals generously share their insights and stories with the students. This interaction creates a unique opportunity for students to engage in discussions about current challenges within the industry, engaging directly with experts in their respective domains.

Recognized Excellence

Vatel’s dedication to excellence has been recognized by multiple entities, securing many awards under the iconic name of the school. A few of the awards received to the franchise campuses include: “Best Hospitality Management School” award in the 17th Worldwide Hospitality Awards; ‘Best Innovation in an Educational Program’ Award on November 7, 2018, in the Worldwide Hospitality Awards; QS World University Rankings 2022 & 2023, Vatel ranked 1st in France in Hospitality & Leisure Management and 11th worldwide – by Subject.

Some awards were achieved by Vatel Bahrain, which include: 2019 Forbes Middle East’s Best Institutes for Higher Education – Best Hospitality & Tourism Programme. In addition, Vatel’s Bachelor’s degree is placed on the RNCP level 6 in France, which is consequently placed on the EQF of the same level. In its beloved kingdom, it is aligned with level 8 of the National Qualification Framework (NQF).

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