Valuing Asia’s Strive for Making Global Impact 


Asia’s growth has been unparalleled since the beginning of this century. The region has open-heartedly embraced all the innovations from the West and even introduced some of the world-changing technologies itself.

Today, countries in Asia strive to stand in the same queue as other recognised countries and their contribute to global growth is hard to keep unnoticed. There has hardly been a sector where the region has not left a mark on glorious global history. Education unanimously can be kept on top of that list.

Asia’s educational excellence has its innovative institutes as prime testimonies, bringing education to the last corner of the continent and making waves worldwide.

International schools in Asia have been laying the foundation for a creative, innovative, and competent workforce. These schools and their today’s endeavours are making it crystal clear that rest of the world should keep a close eye on the region.

The continent has a wide range of schools offering international curricula and giving students from Asia a chance to showcase their potential globally. These schools have huge roles in pacing up the overall progress of the region, where people are more aware of global changes.

In the latest edition of The Education View, “The Most Successful International Schools in Asia, 2023,” we embark on a journey in an honest attempt to feature some of these pinnacles of education in the region. Their efforts to bring education to global standards while also battling with local challenges are commendable.

We believe these institutes have a lot more to give to Asian students and to the world indirectly, and it was important to acknowledge their noble efforts. Hence, we have shared their journey and their accomplishments in the pages of this magazine.

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  • Gopal Ingole

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