US Embassy has Simplified the Visa Application Process for the Indian Students

US Embassy

Patricia Lacina D’Affairs at the US Embassy said the United States (US) Embassy had taken a step to simplify the visa application process for the India Students.

The first step is to remove the interview round for those who have previously held a US visa, and this announcement was made on ‘Student Visa Day.

The US is a place for international students to get a quality education. Many students go to the US for their studies, but Indians are the second-largest group of international students who immigrate to the country.

Lacina said, “despite the pandemic, Indian students issued more visas in 2021 than ever before, and this year we are expecting a more significant number of students to break the previous records. We have opened thousands of visa appointments and expanded our interview remover options for students.

She also said that under new Visa guidelines, if the students previously held any US visas can apply directly using the drop box service to clear the in-person interview.”

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