UniCamillus – Saint Camillus International University of Health Sciences: Drawing in the Knowledge


Healthcare is an ever-growing sector thanks to continuously developing technology. The change has also given pace to the development and researching of new medicine and treatment in the sector. This increasing growth has raised interest in young minds inspiring numerous students globally to study health care and medicine. Seeking the best, the fact that students want to learn in a suitable environment and with a brilliant faculty cannot be overlooked.

This has increased the number of medical and health care institutions globally. However, only a few universities have been able to create a place for themselves in the field of health care and gain recognition internationally.

One such university that has created a strong impact in the healthcare sector is UniCamillus – Saint Camillus International University of Health Sciences. The university has reached the heights of success in a mere period of four years. Situated in Rome, Italy, the university has flourished under the guidance of Gianni Profita, Rector of UniCamillus.


UniCamillus is a young and versatile private University founded in 2018. It is inspired by Camillo de Lellis, who revolutionized medical assistance by creating and implementing the first procedure for an efficient healthcare system at the end of the 16th century.

UniCamillus is dedicated to medical sciences and has constantly been growing and reaching a student population of approximately 5,000 in the period of four years. It has the highest percentage of international students among European universities. UniCamillus stands to create a mark with its fast growth and popularity among the students.

Delving into the Sources of Inspiration

In addition to having a clear international profile, UniCamillus was born with a strong humanitarian mark. It believes in secularism and is open to young people from all over the world with all kinds of faith. The university claims, “Health is UniCamillus’ only official religion.”

The university is a real and practical example of how medicine can represent an efficient instrument for fostering international cooperation and integration among most different cultures. The institution prepares its students to live inspiring academic life and share their unique experiences.

The motto of UniCamillus is “In lumine tuo videbimus lumen”, which translates to“In your light, we will see the light,” it was chosen for its evocative power and referred to knowledge; as the belief of the university lies in the thought, “To know you have to draw on knowledge and the best way is to study.”

UniCamillus’s Guiding Light

Gianni Profita, Rector of UniCamillus, is a committed architect of the institution of UniCamillus University. He laid nearly a decade of intense preparatory work for the creation of the institution rising to heights today.

Besides giving the university a strong international profile, he also put in place, for those without means and coming from underdeveloped countries, a wide program of financial and logistic support, allowing many foreign students to fulfil their dream of completing their educational path in Italy and to return to their countries to employ their new professional skills, releasing the suffering of their own people.

Profita firmly believes that healthcare colonialism should end, providing underprivileged countries with opportunities to become self-dependent instead of waiting for a western mission to help them.

Excelling at Shaping Professionals

For practical training, students are able to avail themselves of the most prestigious hospitals in and around Rome. The agreement with the Regione Lazio has established a wide network of healthcare centres for the internship of UniCamillus students and for the integration between medical assistance, research, and teaching.

Further projects have been successfully carried out with the schools in the area where the university is located. Dentistry students, supported by experienced professionals, have visited primary school children for the “Evaluation of oral health and prevention” project that has an important ethical meaning for the community, deepening the links and collaboration within the territory.

Besides the University Library, dedicated to lecturers, students, and technical-administrative staff, UniCamillus offers access to some of the world’s most advanced and comprehensive digital databases, such as Scopus and OVID. This provides students with material in a wide range of disciplines and helps in research in the field of bioinformatics.

In its strong drive for innovation, UniCamillus further plans to establish UniCamillus Clinics, a new dynamic structure at the service of the university and all its professionals. These are to be diagnostic and physiotherapy laboratories and dental clinics in a care project that would follow the patient up to the hospitalization.

UniCamillus Clinics are set to become a point of reference in the area, housed in a spacious facility near the university premises and equipped with extremely advanced and state-of-the-art appliances and instrumentation.

Programs For Medical World

UniCamillus focuses entirely on Medical and Health Sciences in this vital and dynamic environment. Its wide array of courses includes a 6-year Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery, 6-year Degree Course in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics, Master’s Degree Course in Human Nutrition Science, 3-year Degree Course in Midwifery, 3-year Degree Course in Physiotherapy, 3-year Degree Course in Nursing, 3-year Degree Course in Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy techniques, 3-year Degree Course in Biomedical Laboratory Techniques.

The educational offer also includes several first and second-level Professional Masters and Highly Specialized Medical Courses, delivered both in presence and e-learning mode in collaboration with International medical centres of excellence. Most of the courses available at the university are taught in English, widening its scope for international students.

Community-building Energy

UniCamillus promotes sports practice for university students. It has signed several agreements with different sports facilities located in the surrounding area to ease the access of its students to sports practice. The university deeply believes physical activity is a fundamental tool for the training and the health of young people as well as crucial for the development of social relationships and intercultural integration.

Theatrical masterclasses, with counselling support, are also organized for students to explore creativity and boost self-confidence. The university intents to create a community that can manage stressful and uncomfortable situations with a positive attitude.

Technology in Medicine

UniCamillus offers special services to disabled students and students with learning disabilities. The university, through its staff, supports the students throughout the university experience by identifying unique solutions and providing one-on-one support. This enables students to perform successfully in their study courses and live an enjoyable experience.

Sharing Talent to the World

UniCamillus has a unique international atmosphere that offers students the opportunity to expand their knowledge. The university is characterized by a strong international nature as approximately 40% of UniCamillus students come from extra-UE countries. These students are supported by the Welcome Office in the performance of the bureaucratic requirements necessary to study and live in Italy.

UniCamillus organizes Medical Task Forces of groups of professors in regions facing structural and infrastructural issues. These missions are born with the aim of starting academic cooperation with hospitals already operating in the territory. Assessing the possibility for UniCamillus to join in the management of a local hospital and healthcare facilities also provides experienced medical assistance to the regions.

UniCamillus Medical Task Force has reached Brazil along the Amazon River, Kenya, Cameroon, Benin, and the Gambia. Students would soon be given opportunities to join these humanitarian missions to broaden their professional knowledge in an extremely enriching experience.

Attaining to Students’ Needs

The university gives particular attention to the identification of the student learning needs. A dedicated counselling service is available for all students to help them navigate their academic paths.

This is done with the purpose of gathering all suggestions meant to make the learning process more engaging and motivating and to develop the student community. Tutoring activities are carried out by attentive and approachable lecturers, which provide constant and useful feedback to the students.

A Crutch for Graduates

The placement office of UniCamillus supports students and graduates in job orientation and career choices, working on cross-skills like self-awareness and communication.

Agreements are placed with major HR or recruitment companies in order to help graduates ease themselves into the job market, with the participation in recruiting days and events and language courses for foreign students.

The university has 100% of its graduates have an insured job in their field of specialization immediately after graduation.

Prescription to Aspirants

UniCamillus gives particular emphasis on the human approach to the patient and the illness. Therefore, its students always bear in mind that the patient has his own sensitivity, needs, and dignity. The students at UniCamillus learn that healthcare is a mission: one that requires them to dedicate part of their professional life to the medical assistance of less fortunate people, also in countries where the medical assistance is extremely deficient if not completely lacking.

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