UNESCO to Update its ‘Education in Multilingual World’ Position Paper, Highlighting Inclusive & Multilingual Education


The UNESCO organization is updating its position paper, published in 2003, titled “Education in a Multilingual World” doubling down on its commitment to inclusive and multilingual education. The paper will be released in early 2023 and would be revised and updated by experts on language and education.

Clear global guiding principles on multilingualism and multilingual education will be provided in the paper. In each of the five UN areas, it will define multilingualism and multilingual education, highlighting both their similarities and differences.

The results of the revision process and the updated Position Paper support efforts being made by the international community to meet Sustainable Development Goal 4 of providing all people with access to high-quality education by 2030. The position paper itself will help the UN International Decade of Indigenous Languages’ Global Action Plan (2022-2032).

The meeting will feature about ten experts. The guide will then be developed further as a subsequent step. After that, it will be discussed with linguists before being finalized at the third and final meeting.

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