Trinetra Yoga: Helping the World Lead a Holistic Life

Trinetra Yoga
Trinetra Yoga

tapasvibhyo ’dhiko yogī
jñānibhyo ’pi mato ’dhikaḥ
karmibhyaśh chādhiko yogī
tasmād yogī bhavārjuna.

This shloka from the Bhagwad Gita, The Song of God, depicts the importance of Yoga, as Lord Krishna explains it to Arjuna, saying, ’A yogi is greater than the ascetic, greater than the empiricist and greater than the fruitive worker. Therefore, O Arjuna, in all circumstances, be a yogi.’

The greatness of Yoga does not lie in meditation or the practices that define life. In fact, Yoga is the key that makes life great. In further verses of the book, Lord Krishna urges Arjuna to look beyond life, to perform his duty truthfully, cutting down the strings of success and failure.

Though this philosophy explained in the Gita might have been relevant during the mythical times of ancient India, in the modern world where health is considered wealth, Yoga is a gift one gives to oneself and the world.

Blessing oneself with profound health and the one true wealth that is centred towards one’s free mind detached from all the materialist and emotional world; Yoga has been the silver lining on a cloudy day. However, in this fast world, the essence of Yoga is lost and can only be found in books and some of the prominent health institutes based on the principles of Yoga.

In our venture to find some of the ’Brilliant Healthcare Universities Across the Globe, 2022’, we came across Trinetra Yoga, a healthcare institute based on yogic protocols and practices that are helping students from all over the world discover their profound health both physically and mentally.

Founded on the philosophy and vision ’to transform humanity and human thought process and actions positively harnessing yogic tools and protocols,’ the Founder of Trinetra Yoga, Dr. (HC) Piyush Goel, aims to transform human health by practising the greatest gift of gods, Yoga.

In an exclusive conversation with The Knowledge Review highlighted the importance of Yoga and how it can bless humanity with sound health and transform humanity for the greater good.

 So, let’s inhale the brilliance of humanity.

The First Breath of Re-discovery

The inception story of Trinetra Yoga dates to November 2017. However, after establishing the school on the holy grounds of Bangalore and Mysore (the Yoga Capital), the school started its operations and functions in January 2018. To amplify and smoothen this noble cause World Yoga Alliance extended its support in its inception, licencing, and handholding in the initial and later phases of the school.

Piyush, the founder of the school, was actively involved in every step of the school foundation. After its establishment, Trinetra Yoga conducted many international programs, group sessions for corporate, yoga camps and international teachers’ training programs in Bangalore and Mysore, creating strong brand awareness for Trinetra Yoga.

Adiyogi’s Disciple – Dr (HC) Piyush Goel

Trinetra Yoga is the brainchild of Dr (HC) Piyush Goel, who has been instrumental in the inception of the holistic yoga school. After brainstorming through various courses and yogic practices, he carefully curated the courses at Trinetra Yoga to ensure the best quality yoga courses for the students.

Along with being the founder of Trinetra Yoga, Dr (HC) Piyush Goel is also a multitasking personality with a diverse interest in various fields, making him a knowledgeable expert of many domains.

Being a prominent yoga guru himself, he has been a teacher at the school from the beginning, involved in teaching as a Lead Instructure. Moreover, Piyush handpicked the anatomy and other subjects’ teachers to ensure the course delivery and maintain quality standards. His core expertise areas are:

  • International Yoga Programs.
  • Adhyatma Research —An Author.
  • Indian Vedic Astrlogy.
  • Occult Science Expert.
  • Vaastu Shastra Expert.
  • Fengshui Expert.
  • A Prominent Voice Over Artist.
  • Sales Coach —Sales Workshops.
  • Tarot Card Expert.

Talking about Dr Piyush Goel’s influence, the school management says, “Though the school was registered in Nov 2017 however the history of academics and its teachers including Piyush was appreciated by the society and nation for more than a decade and vintage wise they all share a pretty good experience in the domain of yoga, spirituality and other subjects included and taught by Trinetra yoga teachers.”

“Piyush was always hands-on in conducting International Workshops, Teachers’ training programs, online courses, and yoga camps to build the brand. Piyush was actively involved in content creation of the website, designing, of course, marketing, strategic tie-ups, business collaborations, program delivery, coordination for admin activities with other members of the school and its associates,” they added.

Thanking everyone who has been a part of Trinetra Yoga’s journey, Trinetra Yoga shares its sincere gratitude to everyone for their support and cooperation in making Trinetra Yoga a holistic experience and allowing it to help others rediscover themselves.

Further foreshadowing his achievements, the school management says, “Piyush was honoured with 5 honorary Doctorate in the field of spirituality, yoga, astrology and related in his life. Piyush was honoured with 88-90 honours and awards in totality for his contribution to nation and the world in his area of expertise.”

On Visionary Mission of Transforming Humanity

Trinetra Yoga is on a mission to be the best health care and yoga teacher training brand by providing world-class courses and programs oriented to align mind, body and soul with best class teachers and quality standards.

And the core values that are bedrock principles of Trinetra Yoga are:

  • Quality standards.
  • Deliverables with utmost sincerity.
  • Integrity for internal and external members.
  • Timeliness and support for worldwide students.
  • Unconditional presence for humanity.

COVID-19 Pandemic: Opening the Door for Yoga and Wellness for the World

Every venture is challenged by some of the other obstacles that provide resistance to unleashing its full potential. Similar is the situation with this holistic yoga school, where the problems came as the trigger to open the doors of limitless possibilities.

Talking about how COVID-19 opened the doors to success, Dr Piyush Goel says, “All we can say is that there are no challenges our school is facing since inception or suffering. Even Covid times, we quickly started Online courses in our school, and as per our thought process, the slowdown of covid has been a fuel for us to keep up the good work by the online route. The pandemic has opened doors for Yoga and wellness for the world to be a certified professionals and heal the world. The glass is half full for us, and it is not half empty. We are very positive and looking forward to a great future worldwide.”

Enhancing the Healthcare with Holistic Yoga Practice Programs

Dr Piyush Goel has spent considerable time curating the courses and training programs for students and teachers of Trinetra Yoga. He highlights this exclusively: “We have teachers training and retreats from 50-100-200-300-500 hours to train students on different subjects, and they range from 7 days to 40 days programs. These programs are residential and non-residential for all our locations, i.e., Bangalore, Mysore, Goa and Sri Lanka, and they are:

  • Astanga vinyasa yoga: Complete yog chikitsa series.
  • Hatha Yoga: For basics, flexibility and diseases.
  • Meditational Yoga: To enhance mental health and to learn raj yoga.
  • Prenatal Yoga: To assist during pregnancy.
  • Power Yoga: To enhance stamina and flexibility.

Our in-house residential programs for students for all the categories mentioned here provide course, food, stay, and certification.”

An Inclusive Curriculum

The curriculum curated by Dr Piyush Goel is inclusive, and rather than being academic-centric, it is practical and self-assessment-centric. And to attain maximum engagement at such events is a challenging task.

Talking about this uniquely curated curriculum of Trinetra Yoga, Dr Piyush Goel asserts, “We have yoga holidays during teachers training programs where in we request students to join us to religious places and understand Indian scripture to get an insight about our rituals and work as a team during the retreat to a ensure good team building skills. We have many group teaching activities in students’ class where students become teachers and improve their teaching methodology in theory and practical subjects.”

“We have several partner exercises during the program to make sure students transfer knowledge with each other, and we conduct feedback sessions sharing our inputs for their betterment. We involve students in Karma yoga as a part of selfless action to ensure they stay away from anger, greed, pride, and jealousy,” he added.

The school has also included a few special programs in its inclusive curriculum where the students get a chance to have global exposure. The programs are:

  • Transformational Yoga: To work on humans’ four bodies, i.e., Physical, Mental, Psychological and Psychic bodies.
  • Therapeutic Yoga: To address mental and physical diseases.
  • Grandmaster and Grand Shiromani Programs: To become an expert as a Yoga guru who will talk about almost every aspect of spirituality and not just Yoga.

Overcoming and Dominating the Global Challenges

Surprisingly, Yoga is among European and North American countries most popular practices. With strong competition and increasing popularity, the international yoga market is blooming with opportunities. Taking advantage of this Trinetra Yoga with its curiously crafted curriculum, the school is aiming and preparing its students not just to survive but succeed in whatever they do.

Explaining how the school helps its students are achieving this, Dr Piyush Goel says, ”We have a good amount of time during course for Students class wherein they become a teacher and teach all the subjects to get hands-on experience, and this is our USP because we are pretty confident that we in World yoga alliance standards have highest hours allocated for students class that fully transform them into teacher during the end of the course.”

We have opened the option for students to become our brand ambassadors throughout the world to extend their support to our school and quickly learn international scenarios, challenges and operations of the industry to prepare their launch pad for the immediate future,” he further adds.

Other than all the benefits that the school provides to its students, Trinetra Yoga also allows students to come back and join the Trinetra Yoga community after their yoga teachers’ training program and assist the school during its upcoming ventures as a teacher and grow holistically in the industry.

Envisioning the Future

Envisioning the future of Trinetra Yoga, Dr Piyush Goel confidently says, “sNo doubt we are going to be a renowned and Number One brand of yoga in the healthcare industry worldwide, and we are going to establish our footprints across the globe.”

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