Trang Phan: A Committed Educator Working for the Betterment of Students’ Learning Results

Trang Phan
Trang Phan

The process of learning never ends. After receiving a degree and beginning a profession, it doesn’t end. Career-minded people can continuously advance their abilities and get better at their employment by continuing their education. It is crucial for school administrators in the field of K–12 education administration to encourage teachers to pursue professional development in order to improve not just the learning results for their students but also their own effectiveness and job satisfaction.

Trang Phan has always been passionate about sharing her love towards teaching and training ESL with others. Trang strives to deliver top-notch lectures and give her students top-notch care. She is enthusiastic, imaginative, and compassionate. She is skilled in theory and practical application.

Trang came to understand the need to adjust swiftly to shifting circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic. At that point, she had no choice but to continue on her chosen professional path in education or risk losing everything. Trang, however, had to go in a totally different way. And she came to the realization that educators may now engage with audiences and share their expertise in what seems like an infinite number of ways thanks to technology. Because Trang is an excellent teacher, she may use technology to teach and highlight laws in manufacturers.

She learned that the educational entrepreneur uses financial resources referred to as ‘studying‘ to create positive value change through her contribution to the nation’s educational technology units. She says, “A new challenge worth taking on is motivating educators to realize their value, stay current, and broaden their horizons for the sustainable development of the educational technology industry.”

In the quest for ’10 Most Influential Edupreneurs of the Year 2023,’ we crossed the path Up Moving Forward and interviewed the CEO/Founder, Trang Phan, where she shared her professional journey and the technological advancements she is going to implement in future.

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Sharing Expertise

As a Training and Development Co-ordinator at Wee College Inc., Trang and her team believe that for a child, it means finding their voice and claiming ownership of their learning in an independent and relevant way. For teachers, it demonstrates their commitment to tying curriculum objectives together in a way that is enjoyable and interesting for students.

It indicates that they regard themselves as collaborators in an initiative to foster curiosity and progress. She says, “As a parent, it’s about becoming invested in the journey and experiencing the wonder of your child’s achievements. As the most significant emotional investment of all, the Wee College learning partnership is a catalyst for sharing new experiences with the people you love most.”

To those who know Wee College, it’s a beehive of wonder, laughter, and inclusion. It’s about nurturing an environment that thrives on empowerment, exploration, and family while ensuring that the passion for learning lives and breathes beyond its classroom walls.

  • Southern Ontario Collegiate

Trang is the regional director of Southern Ontario Collegiate, a school that specializes in high school, pre-university, and ESL courses while also offering in-class private education services. It gives students a chance to learn and choose a successful career path. SOC has a proven track record of accomplishment and has emerged as a leader in the provision of high school and pre-university courses to students looking to succeed in the modern world.

Since opening its doors in 1980, Southern Ontario Collegiate (SOC) has grown significantly. Every year, it welcomes more students, but the major goal is to support all students in realizing their potential.

The founders of SOC were themselves international students—the University of Toronto graduates—who wanted to make the Canadian educational experience more positive. They created a perfect environment for academic greatness but with a more balanced approach. They have small class sizes, a low student-to-teacher ratio, and a high level of care.

  • Twinkl Educational Publishing

Trang works as an editor and writer for Twinkl Educational Publishing’s teacher content. Twinkl, which has earned the trust of teaching communities all around the world, offers immediate access to a wide variety of teaching, planning, and evaluation tools to assist learning from infancy. It contains materials produced by experts for:

  • Ages 0 – 16
  • Planning and Assessment
  • Welsh, Scottish and ROI Curriculum
  • SEN
  • EAL
  • SLT
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Child-minders
  • Home Educators
  • Parents

Every child deserves to be loved and cared for since they are each distinct and unique, according to the team. The centre firmly believes in providing the most captivating and motivating content.

Remarkable Work Experiences

Without a doubt, classroom experience is crucial to acquiring the abilities needed for effective teaching. Research has demonstrated that teachers’ effectiveness grows with experience, especially early in their careers, and under favorable conditions, it continues to increase over the course of their careers, even when educational achievement is merely measured as test scores.

A large portion of teachers’ time is spent on student evaluations, curriculum creation, and other paperwork in addition to the hours they spend lecturing in the classroom. Teachers who participate in professional development training can improve their time management and organization skills. In the end, this increases teacher productivity and frees up more time for them to concentrate on the children rather than the paperwork.

The table below shows Trang’s years of work experience and how much of her time is spent on curriculum development, student evaluations, and educational work.

EDUCAP., JSc (Sep 2016 – Feb 2019). Executive Consultant (Remote – online)

  • Consulting TESOL courses
  • Performing work to support CEO, supervise, and manage according to the request of the Director.
  • Implementing instructions from the Director.
  • Managing and supporting courses at the company.
  • Reporting to the CEO to coordinate and supervise the daily operation of the training course.
  • Building training plans, images, share professional articles, and connect with a community of students.
  • Achievements
  • Responsibilities: – Organize regular training courses for TESOL courses in Hanoi.
  • Organize teaching method workshops in many cities across the country.
  • Supporting seniors’ trainers on training and connect more than 10,000 TESOL students.

ANH QUOC PRESCHOOL (Sep 2016 – Dec 2021) Full time Early Childhood Educator/ ESL Senior Teacher


  • Evaluating special-needs students, determining skill levels, and functional capabilities.
  • Modifying lessons and revising the standard curriculum.
  • Match the child’s functional capacity and accommodations.
  • Co-teaching in integrated learning settings.
  • Meeting parents and others to review goals and assess.
  • Creating materials to assist in teaching.
  • Advising parents on how to work with their child. Achievements
  • VTV24 Vı ̀tam Vóc Việt (Guest Speaker)
  • Homeschooling
  • Building good habits for children (topic: using smartphones and TVs).

MS TRANGPHAN TESOL (Sep 2016 – May 2021) ESL teacher (Part-time night shift)


  • Organizing and delivering classroom lectures to students.
  • Evaluating a student’s class work and assignments.
  • Preparing classroom and coursework materials, homework assignments and handouts.
  • Recording and maintain accurate student attendance records and grades.
  • Classroom management.
  • Maintaining discipline in the classroom.
  • Creating a vibrant teaching atmosphere.
  • Creating lesson plans and learning activities.
  • Reports to parents.


  • A reading program builds the love of reading for young children, connecting parents and children having time to read together.

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