The University of Phoenix Celebrates Transfer Students and Accessible Education Policies


The University of Phoenix is celebrating National Transfer Student Week and highlighting opportunities for transfer students to save time and money by transferring college credits. The university has implemented policies and strategies to allow transfer students to maximize prior college credits by transferring from more than 5,000 accredited institutions toward a bachelor’s degree. In 2022 alone, the University of Phoenix welcomed 30,316 transfer students, who each saved about 13 classes of time from their degree program.

The university emphasizes the importance of transferring credit as a path to degree completion and focuses on helping students get the most out of their transfer credits to save time and money. The transition between institutions can be complex, but the University of Phoenix simplifies the college credit transfer process, offers opportunities for earning life and work experience credits, and provides generous credit transfer possibilities.

The university actively supports transfer students in multiple ways, including simplifying the credit transfer process, offering opportunities to earn life and work experience credits, and providing generous credit transfer possibilities. On average, University of Phoenix students save $11,000 and shave one year off their undergraduate degree with eligible transfer credits and relevant work experience. In 2022, students using transfer credits saved between $6,368 and $21,492.

The university also offers the opportunity to apply for a Transfer Student Scholarship of up to $3,000 for new students with 12-60 combined transfer credits from accredited institutions. The scholarship is awarded over 20 courses, and recipients must be continuously enrolled and maintain a 3.0 GPA.

University of Phoenix transfer student Raven Null shared her positive experience, stating that transferring from her brick-and-mortar college to the University of Phoenix was the best decision she made for her education. Null mentioned the university’s flexible learning schedule and strong graduation plan, allowing her to complete her degree quickly. The university encourages prospective students to explore opportunities to save time and money through its Savings Explorer tool.

National Transfer Student Week was established by The National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students (NISTS) and is celebrated during the third week of October.

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