The UAE Education Authorities has announced the launch of a New School Ranking System

UAE Education

AE training specialists have presented another rating framework for schools in the country. Based on the quality of their national identity programs, Abu Dhabi schools will be inspected and rated as “Outstanding,” “Good,” “Acceptable,” or “Weak.”

New Ranking System from UAE Education Authorities

The first National Identity Mark for the UAE has been introduced by the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK). The purpose of the new school rating system is to give parents full visibility into the quality of national identity programs and activities in private schools all over the emirate.

The National Identity Mark will make it easier for parents to choose the best schools for their children and increase school transparency. The Public Personality Imprint expects to uplift Emirati’s comprehension understudies might interpret the UAE’s practices, customs, and values, engaging and empowering them to explore the assorted worldwide scene witha solid groundwork in view of their own social foundation.

The annual Irtiqa’a Inspection, which examines the performance standards of the Emirate’s private schools and makes recommendations for improved performance, will be evaluated separately from the National Identity Mark rankings.

When Phase 1 ratings are issued at the end of the current academic year, schools will be graded as “Outstanding,” “Good,” “Acceptable,” or “Weak” depending on the quality of their national identity programs.

Curriculum and school culture will be evaluated as part of the new ratings system’s implementation to support educational equity, transparency, and accountability across all Abu Dhabi private schools enrolling nationals. Schools will also have the chance to further develop and improve their national identity programs.

Minister of State for Early Education, ADEK Chairman, and Chairman of the Federal Agency for Early Childhood, Sara Musallam, stated: We perceive the significance of developing a strong public personality that secures our Emirati understudies in their way of life.

In the initial phase, ADEK will give priority to the schools with the most Emirati students. If they have relevant programs and activities that immerse expatriate students in the country’s rich heritage, schools without national enrollment can request evaluation.

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