The Study Shows- Federal Government Abet More than $300 Billion Get Short for Dealing with Student Learning Loss

Student Learning Loss

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government has given billions of dollars to states and districts to combat student learning loss. Despite providing billions of dollars, student achievement is declining across the nation. In the Study, it is said that the money given to solve the problem may not be enough, especially at a location with a great need.

The American Educational Research Association conducted a new study where they found that federal emergency relief dollars for schools have been set aside that is around $189 billion to address the student learning loss; however, the pandemic has greatly affected the learning of the students, and while recovering it schools may require about $500 billion.

The researcher of the Study urges the federal government to take sight of the latest national standardized test score results that have been showing a decline in achievement of the students before giving states and districts extra money. They also mention that there may be a great need for additional resources.

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