The Secret to Prosperity Revealed: Education!


Apparatus of Developement

Everyone desires to be rich and prosperous. Being prosperous with an abundance of wealth, luxuries, provisions, properties etc., is a dream of many but enjoyed by a fortunate few. What is the secret that makes only a few people more prosperous than the rest? Let’s understand it.

As we study the prosperous, successful people, it is revealed that most of them are self-made, highly educated professionals driven by passion, persistence, and ambition.

Probably there is no secret at all. It’s just one – Education. Good education is one of the contributing factors in developing successful professionals.

Education is indeed an important aspect in individuals’ growth, development, and progress. It makes us aware of the various dimensions of life and understands how things happen with the influencing factors.

Let’s explore the significance of education in our lives and its role in shaping our society.

  • Enhances Self Awareness

As one studies the basic levels of education, the important aspects of life become clear and a correlation with one’s own self gets formed. Awareness about the professional world, basic market economics, and how the socio-economic world operates with the standard paradigms of the society gets imbibed. It is about the basic lifestyle, healthy habits, knowledge of government administration, standard rules of communication, transport and earning the means of livelihood.

  • Inculcates Wisdom.

The more individuals study, the more they become knowledgeable in the subject domain. As rightly said, “Knowledge is Power” makes it really easy for educated people to be wise in identifying the right and the wrong, how things work, and what needs to be done to get the desired results. Wisdom comes from a deep study as the person becomes aware and is able to identify and take the right decisions.

  • Increases the Earning Potential.

We have all noticed the involvement of manpower in various forms of commercial sectors. Education increases the potential of an individual to get jobs of related fields. Most companies need people who are skilled in the subject knowledge, qualified to the right level to be hired in the service. Educated people are skilled with standard professional rules and can work efficiently in the required tasks.

  • Facilitates Better Communication

Education facilitates easier and faster communication. Education empowers an individual to communicate with regular means smartly and properly convey messages and work-related conversations effectively. This alertness helps in better quicker and seamless communication to meet the personal and organizational objectives. Applying the right means and approach in communication aids in smoother and simplified interpersonal dealings.

  • Generates More Job Opportunities

As the businesses and the industries grow, a need for multi-skilled employees to work in various levels gets created. Education helps makeable entrepreneurs and businessmen who generate numerous job opportunities for scores of people through their own business ventures.

  • Empowers National Economy.

People who are qualified and well educated are promising contributors due to their solid earning potential and contribution in the form of taxes, donations and active role in the decision making in local governing bodies. They are knowledgeable and better conditioned in their supporting role facilitating better control in various local and national activities.

  • Development of Problem-Solving Capacity

Our educational system is so well designed that it prepares the students in analytical thinking and handling challenging situations independently. The diverse and multi-faceted study of various subjects helps to identify various conditions and look for possible ways and means in creating solutions to resolve or support with suitable options.

  • Redirecting Happy and Prosperous Life.

The educated people have always been well-settled and progressive citizens of our country. Highly qualified individuals secure a good, well-paid job to be able to afford a comfortable lifestyle. With a good education, one can be seen to steadily rise in the success ladder through promotions. Rising income leads to an increase in assets like buying own house, car, properties, international tours etc.

  • Creates Notable Contributors

Most people who have been outstanding in their professional ventures are often noticed as well educated. Along with leading a happy life of abundance, they are also known to have been socially active. They identify the different social causes and team up with the local authorities and NGOs to spread awareness, encouraging other people to contribute to the social cause.

  • Nurtures the Environment of Equal Opportunities

Education has helped in creating an equal and open culture irrespective of religion, caste, race, gender, sex etc. It creates only one single factor of identification on the basis of competence and knowledge. Education facilitates open and clear communication, helping people identify opportunities, help others go further, and create a good mutual growth and progress culture.

Torch Bearers of National Growth

Educated people have always been the catalysts of positive changes. An educated woman can create a mature and well-cultured generation. Education is like a candle that glows to give the light of wisdom and also can light up many other candles through its single flame of vibrance, goodwill, and cooperation.

  • Kedar Borgaonkar

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