The Novel Programme at Imperial College London has 400,000 learners


Imperial College London’s “Creative Thinking” online specialization has become a major success since its launch in 2018, with over 400,000 learners enrolling in the program. Developed and refined by Imperial on digital education platforms Coursera and EdX, the MOOC (a massively open online course) provides learners around the world with the opportunity to learn from top researchers and practitioners in creative thinking.

The specialization consists of three courses: creative thinking and brainstorming methods, systematic creative thinking, and advanced creative thinking. It aims to help learners develop their creative thinking skills, generate ideas quickly and at scale, and tackle challenges and opportunities with innovative ideas.

With creative thinking playing an increasingly prominent role in various aspects of daily life and the Creative Industries contributing significantly to economies, the course’s popularity is a reflection of its relevance. Prior to the pandemic, the Creative Industries in the UK contributed £116 billion to the economy in 2019 and accounted for millions of jobs.

Professor Peter Childs, the creator of the MOOC, emphasizes the importance of creativity in addressing challenges and generating new ideas. The course welcomes enrolments from diverse learners, particularly female students and those residing in North America and Africa.

Imperial’s emphasis on innovative teaching methods aligns with its Learning & Teaching Strategy, which aims to adapt to changing student expectations and provide teachers with new tools for effective education. The success of the “Creative Thinking” specialization highlights the growing interest and demand for creative thinking skills in various fields beyond traditional boundaries.

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