The Best Countries to Study Abroad are the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany: Experts

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Indian students continue to favour classic study abroad locations like the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, even in the face of the growing popularity of new study abroad options like Ireland, Germany, Denmark, and France. Actually, according to a recent research, Indians are now the largest group of overseas graduate students studying in the US, surpassing Chinese students in this regard. The post-Covid-19 study-abroad trends were disclosed by Kunal Mehra, country head of boutique consulting firm Crimson Education.

The US is still the most popular country among Indian students, despite a little decline.

Applications to the UK and other prestigious European locations, such as Germany, Denmark, and France, as well as Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland, have increased significantly.

These nations are well-liked because to their excellent educational systems, well-known professors, appealing post-study employment prospects, research facilities, wealth of scholarship chances, and ease of contact.

It is projected that 1,324,954 Indian students studied overseas in 2022 (both online and on campus). However, it is crucial to remember that the real number may differ owing to travel restrictions and visa regulations put in place by other nations as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2023, the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, and Germany were the top five countries that students wished to study abroad. Combined, these nations accounted for 72.5% of all students studying overseas. In particular, the United States accounted for 212,693 students, and Canada closely trailed behind with almost 207,000 Indian students.

According to a recent report, more universities will have better admissions in 2023–24 than in the previous year, according to the Common Application, the college admissions tool. Up to January 1, 2023, 841 returning members of the Common App received 1,079,936 unique first-year applications, a 20% increase from 903,553 in 2019–20. The number of applications received up to January 1 increased by 24% between 2019–20 (4,317,709) and 2022–2023 (5,346,600).

Since 2019–20, the percentage of unique international applications climbed at a rate that was approximately three times higher than that of US applicants (45% versus 17%). Nigeria, Ghana, Canada, China, and India were the top five nations.

It appears that a steady number of students are now reporting their SAT or ACT results. There was “a steep decline” in the number of people submitting scores to the Common App between 2019–20 (78%) and 2020–21 (44%) with a minor uptick in 2021–22 (48%). Just 47% of applicants have provided their SAT or ACT results. Applications increased at public universities by 39% compared to private universities by 3%.

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