Tether Begins New Educational Program on Goal Fostering Skills  

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Tether has introduced an educational initiative with the goal of fostering skills related to Web3. This program seeks to provide knowledge and resources to individuals interested in understanding and participating in the evolving landscape of Web3 technologies.

Stablecoin provider Tether (USDT) is unveiling a new educational initiative known as Tether Edu.

As part of Tether Edu, the initiative aims to enhance the accessibility of skills related to digital product development, offering a range of educational programs. Participants in the program will gain access to a variety of courses, workshops, and master classes facilitated by industry experts.

Tether Edu is set to encompass global markets, with a primary emphasis on developing nations across Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and Asia. The initiative signifies a significant step in Tether’s ongoing dedication to promoting digital education on a global scale, with a specific focus on empowering emerging economies, according to Paolo Ardoino, CEO of Tether

Tether is extending education in various categories, including design, social media management, programming and development, AI, and blockchain and cryptocurrencies. To support its education mission in the region, the company is actively recruiting employees. This marks Tether’s latest effort in the education sector, following its cooperation agreement with the Business and Technology University (BTU) in Georgia last year. The collaboration aims to enhance education in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, Tether participated in the Series A round of funding for the Academy of Digital Industries educational project in Georgia in December 2023.

Simultaneously, Tether Holdings Limited disclosed a “record” profit of $2.85 billion in the fourth quarter of 2023. As of January 31, 2024, the company’s total assets stood at $97.02 billion, with excess reserves approximated at $5.4 billion. Predominantly, Tether’s assets are comprised of US Treasuries valued at $80.3 billion.

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