Taiwan and the United States Reaffirm Their Commitment to Higher Education at NAFSA 2023


The Foundation for International Cooperation in Higher Education of Taiwan (FICHET) has made a significant effort to strengthen its relationships with American educational institutions by participating in the 75th NAFSA 2023 Annual Conference Expo. With the theme of “Inspiring an Inclusive Future,” the event took place in Washington, DC from May 30 to June 2. FICHET mobilized a substantial delegation, including representatives from 24 higher education institutions and led by Mon-Chi Lio, the Political Deputy Minister of Education. The delegation aimed to engage in global conversations on education and promote Taiwanese institutions on the international stage.

The focus of the delegation’s participation was to highlight the “Study in Taiwan” initiative and attract international students to the diverse educational opportunities available in Taiwan. The NAFSA 2023 conference featured esteemed attendees, including global educational leaders and representatives from various countries.

Raghwa Gopal, CEO of education management company M Square Media (MSM), commended the growing ties between Taiwan and the United States in the higher education sector. He particularly praised the “Study in Taiwan” initiative, emphasizing Taiwan’s commitment to providing high-quality education to international students.

Gopal highlighted the importance of platforms like NAFSA 2023 in fostering global collaboration and commended Taiwan’s proactive approach to cultivating cross-border partnerships in higher education. He emphasized that international collaborations in education are not a luxury but a necessity, as they promote cultural exchange, academic growth, and innovative ideas. The “Study in Taiwan” initiative showcases Taiwan’s openness to embracing international students and enriching the global educational landscape.


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