Students from Lau Island Region to be Offered Quality Education

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The Lau Education Charitable Trust is addressing the issues the Lau Group education system is facing by working to strengthen support networks and infrastructure. Member of the Charitable Trust Events Committee Liliana Pareti talked about the organization’s mission to improve education in all 72 of the province’s villages on Gold FM’s Speak Your Mind Program. Pareti restates that this is an all-encompassing strategy.

“It’s not just about books and pens and all of that because of the infrastructure out in the islands, there’s the element of a strategic plan that has water and sanitation, electricity, professional development for the teachers as well.”

She stresses that the strategic plan of the Education Trust, which centers on the needs, serves as its guidance. Temesia Tuicaumia, a committee member, thinks it’s encouraging to see how the trust is improving the lives of the kids back home.

Therefore, it’s encouraging to see that as an additional success story. To watch these real, you know, films that the teachers have been putting in of them using their small solar lights in the classroom
The Lau Education Charitable Trust has dedicated to improving the infrastructure and support systems for education within the Lau group as a proactive strategy to fulfill the various needs of the region.

Its mission is to help the children of these remote islands improve their access to high-quality education. The ultimate aim is to move them into the 21st century international level playing field required, in the shortest time possible.

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