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Today, the Universities of South Australia and Adelaide formally agreed to collaborate in support of the South Australian Government’s efforts to establish a new merged university for our State.

The agreement was reached after careful review of the feasibility study, which was guided by public comment and came after the announcement of the institutions’ joint Vision Statement in March of this year. It is contingent on the State Government providing considerable financial support.

The Heads of Agreement that the universities have signed reflect the strategic goals of the State Government and move legislation closer to being able to start the new institution in January 2026.

“Our Councils found the benefits of combining the two universities to create a new Adelaide University to be significant and in the best interests of each of our institutions as well as the State of South Australia,” said Ms. Pauline Carr, chancellor of the University of South Australia, and the Hon. Catherine Branson AC KC, chancellor of the University of Adelaide.”

Professor David Lloyd of the University of South Australia and Professor Peter Hj AC, vice chancellor of the University of Adelaide, jointly stated: “We believe the new institution will, in the medium and long terms, be of higher national and international standing than anything we could achieve individually. Our community, faculty, and students will benefit more from it.”

As one of Australia’s top research-intensive universities, the new university has been invited to join the elite Group of Eight (Go8). Additionally, it will continue to provide students with a wide range of options and remarkable chances for real-world learning while retaining the program areas, connections, and regional facilities that are currently provided by both universities.

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