South Africa’s education system is in total disarray

South Africa

The Centre for Development and Enterprise (CDE) calls for, among other things, the head of the minister of primary education in South Africa to have one of the worst education systems in the world, which is plagued by incompetence and corruption.

The CDE issued several reports on the education system in South Africa, outlining the system’s flaws, the factors that contributed to them, and suggestions for how the country can improve education. According to the report, approximately 13% of government revenue is allocated to primary education in South Africa.


While the report emphasized that the quality of teachers and corruption within the system in South Africa contributes significantly, the state of education in the country and poverty among students and their families also plays a role.

There are two primary contributors to low teaching levels. First, many teachers lack the knowledge and pedagogical abilities to teach better. According to the report, the second factor is that a non-trivial number is unwilling to do so.

Four out of five teachers in public schools lack content knowledge and pedagogical skills. For instance, South African teachers’ proficiency levels in math are significantly lower than those of their colleagues in Kenya (95%) and Zimbabwe (87%). In addition, the report revealed that 79% of grade 6 math teachers in the country had test score below 60%.

End Note

The report says that global studies show that reform programs that work can start to produce accurate results in three to five years.

Bernstein stated, “The public, business, all political parties, parents, and civil society need to exert more pressure on the government. We all need to push for systemwide reforms that significantly improve the quality of classroom teaching.”

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