SolarBuddy is helping the world to battle against energy poverty: “We’re trying to create change-makers”


SolarBuddy, a Brisbane-based organization, is making a significant impact on the lives of children worldwide by providing solar power lights to communities living without reliable access to electricity. Through their social STEM education programs, SolarBuddy has donated over 200,000 solar lights across 21 countries. These programs, tailored for both primary and high school students, cover topics such as energy poverty, renewable energy, global citizenship, geography, and sustainability. Students also have the opportunity to assemble their own solar light devices, which are then donated to children in energy poverty.

Recognizing the financial constraints faced by schools, SolarBuddy has started partnering with local small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to fund the program on a larger scale. By sponsoring the program, SMEs not only contribute to the education and well-being of children but also enhance their own brand recognition, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and future workforce development. SolarBuddy facilitates partnerships between SMEs and schools in the same locality, ensuring a sense of community and long-term collaboration.

The lights distributed by SolarBuddy reach children in various countries through partnerships with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and rotary clubs. These local partners assist in identifying communities in need and undertake last-mile distribution, reaching remote areas via motorbikes, kayaks, and other means. SolarBuddy is also offering businesses the opportunity to win a trip to witness the distribution of lights in Vanuatu, further deepening their engagement and connection to the cause.

By combining education, renewable energy, and philanthropy, SolarBuddy is empowering students to become change-makers and global citizens. Their efforts not only address energy poverty but also promote sustainable development, technological literacy, and a sense of social responsibility among young people. Through the collective action of schools, SMEs, and community partners, SolarBuddy is illuminating lives and creating a brighter future for children worldwide.

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