Simerjeet Singh: Grooming Youngsters with Motivation

Simerjeet Singh
Simerjeet Singh

While we are living our mediocre lives, a burst of motivation can catapult us to unimaginable success. And in desperate need to find a source to keep going, people tend to socialise and find ways to keep going, trying to ignite the spark back in life.

Motivators can include our mother, who comes running to us to finish our work, in addition to our friends and family. Anyone can help by providing motivation, but the necessary effort to make it worthwhile can only be offered by someone with zeal accompanied by more driven enthusiasm and belief to achieve it.

‘I believe that success is finding our purpose and then designing a life that embraces it.’

The quote said by Simerjeet Singh, The Keynote Speaker of Cutting Edge Learning Systems, emphasises living a purpose-driven life. Simerjeet comes with an experience as varied as his life experience has been. He found his purpose unfalteringly linked to inspiring others and helping them find their purpose in life.  Simerjeet has come across a varied variety of audiences where he created his speeches and delivered them. He always takes the initiative to learn about the audience, the purpose that keeps them driven and challenges them and designs a well-suited plan for their objectives. To empower students to unlock their potential, be it your goal or your business. He makes it a point to give you the means to turn those into reality.

Let’s engage ourselves on this motivation-driven ride and dive into the highlights of the interview:

Tell us about the story of your career since its beginning.

I have had two careers in my life. The first one as a hospitality professional started in 1999, and the second one as a motivational speaker started in 2007. However, both these chapters of my professional life are closely interlinked to one another! The former has taught me first-hand, real-life lessons on leadership, team building, interpersonal skills, problem-solving, and thriving in multicultural environments, which I share now in my second career as a motivational speaker.

I developed a strong work ethic as a hospitality professional as I worked my way up from entry-level jobs in the sector by rolling up my sleeves and working long hours. This helped shape me into the person that I am today. I also got to travel to different parts of the world, meet diverse people, and understand the nuances of different cultures, through which I learned what it means to lead and thrive in varied cultures.

All of this helped me do well and succeed with impact, given that my own rich life experiences fed a wealth of information into my career as a motivational speaker; and while theoretical knowledge from books enriched what I read, my life examples substantiated an excellent part of this knowledge, bringing in a flavour of honest authenticity.

As a motivational speaker, I now serve clients across the world, from my hometown in Jalandhar, online as well as in-person, and touch the lives of millions of people through my YouTube channel, which currently has 1.6 million subscribers and more than 65 million views.

Tell us about your Mission, Vision, and Values.

Our Mission at Cutting Edge Learning Systems is to empower people everywhere to make better choices. Our vision is to create a world where more people live their full potential and make choices that will help them grow—a world where people are uplifting humanity by first healing themselves.

The core values that we live up to are authenticity, simplicity, and impact. What this means is that we want to be authentic, not misguide people or create hype that is not practical. We want the lessons that we share with our viewers to come from our own life experiences, and we want to keep the material and knowledge, the training we provide, simple. We believe everyone understands simplicity and, therefore, will help us create mass impact – which brings us to the third core value, which is impact. Our honest desire to create an impact in the world is what primarily governs our journey and not what makes us short-term profits or impacts the Profit and Loss statements.

Being a prominent leader, how do you manage to influence others?

Authenticity and humility are two important tools that naturally help influence others. Trying to walk the talk as you stay humble and grounded in your roots makes it much easier to influence others around you because you offer a powerful example that cannot be ignored.

What challenges have you encountered during your journey, and how did you overcome them?

One of the biggest challenges in my journey has been that you don’t get to see results immediately – they happen in their own time. I have learned that cultivating indomitable patience is the best way to deal with this. It’s self-belief and faith that helps you give your best even when you are not experiencing the results you wish to see.

What are the major factors that keep motivating you towards your goals?

We strive to empower people across the world to make better choices in all aspects of their life, whether it is a career, lifestyle, or well-being. We feel motivated by presenting a realistic view of things and practical perspectives on life. Because the internet is replete with so much misinformation and false promises, we would like people to learn that nothing is free in life, and it’s imperative to keep the hard work going while maintaining positive perspectives about life. We feel inspired to continue our path when our work can positively impact individuals’ mindsets.

How do you inspire students to select an interesting career for a bright future?

I inspire students to discover their strengths, what excites them the most and how they can convert that into a profession. I urge them to explore what sort of job opportunities and entrepreneurship opportunities are out there for them to leverage or create that can help them utilise their strengths in their primary areas of interest.

Being able to use our strengths frequently offers us a deep sense of vitality, and that’s the criteria I urge students to focus on while picking the right career.

Which activities do you conduct in your workshops and keynotes to maintain engagement?

Our workshops and keynotes are not just a medium for my audience to learn from me but also to learn from each other. I use a lot of peer-to-peer activities where people share affirmations and have real conversations. A good amount of humour and interactive storytelling with contextual anecdotes that people resonate with helps maintain engagement and keeps the conversation relevant to the audience.

As a coach, I also must provide a safe space for self-reflection where people can introspect on their choices so far and reconsider their approach toward life.

How do you feel when you get to know that others are following in your footsteps? What else do you do so that people keep following you?

I feel a deep sense of gratitude and a sense of responsibility. But I also extend a word of caution to people not to blindly follow in my footsteps because this is a journey that has worked best for me. Your destination might be elsewhere, and your journey might be something else.

I encourage them to unfold their myth in the words of the Sufi Master Rumi.

As an inspiring leader, what is your message to students worldwide?

My message to students across the world would be to study, not just with the mindset of a job seeker but also that of a job creator right from college. Students need to think big and not just graduate with an expectation to land a great job but also to graduate with the skill set required to create jobs for others. A positive mind, a vision for yourself, and a strong work ethic to bring that vision to life are good starting points to achieving a growth mindset that helps grow yourself and others around you.

What is your vision for your organisation?

I have envisioned and built my organisation into a high EQ and high-performance team, delivering outstanding results in the form of impactful content for global audiences. I hope my team always stays grounded, humble, authentic, and true to our values. At the same time, staying efficient and never forgetting the purpose we came together in the first place, which is to make a positive difference in the world.  My vision is a humble prayer to God to grant me the vitality, health, energy, and wisdom to continue walking on the noble path that I have chosen for myself.

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