Si Ri Panya International School: Cultivating a Genuine Passion for Learning

Si Ri Panya International School
Si Ri Panya International School

Cambridge is synonymous with academic excellence, and its educational institutions, play a significant role in shaping the future of education and research on a global scale.

Si Ri Panya International School is Asia’s one of the most reputable Cambridge Institutions.

Si Ri Panya’s mission and values represent a collaborative effort between its staff, parents, and students, all of whom contribute to the development of young people into responsible world citizens.

Through a balanced mix of education and social interaction, it is the school’s concern to empower its students to respect, value, and develop a love of learning through a fun and engaging curriculum.

Si Ri Panya International School believes the link between values, education, and well-being is powerful. Its Si Ri Panya International School Values are celebrated each week in a whole school assembly, whilst throughout the year, a Value is focused on each half term.

Each Value reflects a core character trait that the school believes will assist its students to become responsible global citizens who treat others with respect and aspire to be the best that they can be, socially and academically.

Preserving the Core Values

In a world of rapidly changing technological advances, globalization, scientific discovery, and economic development, it is important that the school focuses on the core values that remain constant, such as those found in the Si Ri Panya Values. They are not only key in academic success but vital in creating the types of worldviews and perspectives that will contribute towards a brighter future for the planet and for future generations.

Its curriculum is rich and varied, offering informal learning experiences that integrate its values and place emphasis on the skills needed to become responsible global citizens.

Si Ri Panya is creating learners who are:


  • Someone who faces difficult situations bravely and welcomes new challenges. Someone who is willing to solve problems and find new ways of thinking in new and unfamiliar situations.


  • Someone who is considerate of themselves and towards others. Someone who understands how their actions might impact others and the environment and so is respectful and caring towards these.


  • Someone who appreciates people’s similarities & differences and actively engages with the local community and wider issues. Someone who is keen and ready to make a difference in society; locally, nationally, and globally.


  • Someone who can learn from, embrace and overcome failure; to meet challenges with perseverance and to look for solutions to meet a goal. Someone who doesn’t give up and defends their views and opinions whilst being respectful of others.


  • Someone who tells the truth and makes the right choices even when no one is looking.


  • Someone who lives harmoniously – spiritually, emotionally & physically. Someone who understands who they are as a learner and as a person in the world.

Building Foundation Successful Education

Inspiring a lifelong love of learning drives everything that the school does. The school’s job, in partnership with parents, is to build the foundations for a successful education, to enable each child to discover the joy of learning, to help them fulfill every aspect of their potential, and to encourage their growth into effective global citizens, ready to play their part in the world and their community.

The leadership team that makes it possible includes

  • School Founder – Nicola Bunchuay
  • Headteacher – Kat Healy
  • Primary Deputy Head – Faye Reading
  • Secondary Deputy Head – Jeanne Revest

The school considers itself fortunate to be located on a tropical island boasting some of the world’s finest beaches. This unique setting enables it to attract a fantastic team of highly experienced and qualified teachers whose vision aligns with that of the school. While gleaming facilities are indeed appealing, the true essence of a school and what defines its ‘culture’ lies within the teachers, students, and families who come together to create the school community.

Si Ri Panya International School has a truly diverse learning community, with representation from over 24 nationalities. Around 40 per cent of its students hold dual Thai nationality, 10 per cent are solely Thai nationals, and the remaining 50 per cent are international students who have become long-term residents on the island. Throughout the year, its event calendar is filled with celebrations of various cultural and religious occasions. Even the monthly school menu features special days, such as Mexican Day with quesadillas and Israeli Day with falafel. The school takes pride in its diverse community, and through the celebrations, the school not only recognizes but also honors the uniqueness of each student.

Students enjoy the best of both worlds: the advantages of a small school combined with ample opportunities to leverage technological advancements. Starting as early as Year 1 (age 5), its younger students use Bee-Bots to explore the fundamentals of coding and programming.

Curriculum to Cater the Needs

The school takes great pride in its curriculum, meticulously designed to cater specifically to learners and a unique environment, fostering an irresistible love for learning!

Si Ri Panya International Primary School (ages 5-11) adheres to the British National Curriculum. However, its Curriculum Lead and dedicated teachers adapt this curriculum into a holistic ‘Big Idea’ for each term, further divided into three captivating ‘Topics’ across the Key Stages. Its ‘topic’-based teaching approach facilitates the seamless integration of various curriculum areas within a unified theme. This enables children to comprehend the interconnectedness of subjects, providing a comprehensive perspective on their learning journey and encouraging them to explore topics from multiple angles.

The school ensures an engaging learning experience by incorporating the following components into each ‘Topic’:

  • Learning in the Community
  • Parent Workshops
  • ‘Child as Teacher/Leader’
  • Class Presentations of their Learning to the School Community or a Wider Audience, such as an exhibition or a parent assembly.

This comprehensive approach not only enriches learning but also strengthens the school community bonds.

Within the Secondary School (ages 11-16), the school follows the Cambridge curriculum, and its students build on and consolidate the skills and knowledge they have acquired in Primary School.

In its Secondary School, the school prioritizes core subjects like English, Maths, and Science, which form the foundation of both curricula. For English, Si Ri Panya International Primary School offers two distinct classes, allowing students to choose between English as their first language or as a second language. Additionally, it provides a diverse range of subjects for students to explore, including Drama, Humanities, Thai Language and Culture, Computing, Design and Technology, Food Technology, Art, History, Geography, and Physical Education. These subjects are thoughtfully designed to foster a well-rounded knowledge base and cultivate a genuine passion for learning.

Beyond academics, the school offers an array of co-curricular activities, including Personal, Social, Health, and Economic lessons (PSHE).

These activities are geared towards developing essential social and personal skills that are not only valuable for success in Secondary School but also for life in general. They aim to build self-motivation and strong work ethics.

As an accredited Cambridge school, its students participate in Cambridge progression tests and the prestigious iGCSE exam. These assessments serve to track students’ progress, gauge their understanding of the curriculum, provide external validation of their achievements, and identify areas for improvement.

Fostering Holistic Development

The school’s overarching goal is to prepare students for success in Secondary School and beyond, achieved through a balanced education that combines academic rigor with co-curricular engagement. The school firmly believes in the holistic development of each individual and strives to unlock their full potential. Its sports program promotes physical fitness and healthy habits, while the science program encourages students to explore the world around them and nurture critical thinking skills.

At Si Ri Panya International Primary School, student well-being is at the forefront of all its actions. It’s not just a subject that can be confined to an hour of instruction; rather, it’s a core value that must permeate every aspect of the school community. The school believes in leading by example, where adults within the community model this value through their own actions.

Prioritizing Continuous Professional Development

The school’s team is dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for each student, which is why it prioritizes continuous professional development (CPD).

While there are always new and innovative teaching methods emerging, the school believes in a balanced approach. It doesn’t discard tried-and-true methods that have proven effective over the years. Instead, the school’s philosophy revolves around integrating new ideas with time-tested practices, finding that harmonious balance—akin to the middle path in Buddhism—where it benefits from the best of both worlds.

In the past year, the school proudly earned the Eco-School Silver Award, and in 2023, it has reached an even higher milestone: the Eco-Schools Green Flag. This prestigious recognition stands as the highest accolade attainable from Eco-Schools, an international award program endorsed by the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF). Eco-schools guide educational institutions on their sustainability journey, offering a comprehensive framework to weave these principles into the very fabric of school life.

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