SGLessons, Private Lessons Listing Platform, Reaches 500 Profiles in Singapore


The Singapore-based SGLessons, the online platform that facilitates learners to identify and locate private lessons in Singapore, reached a major milestone of completing 500 registered profiles. The 500 registered profiles on SGLessons include private schools, teachers and tutors are spread across 46 subjects ranging from early education, sports, music and foreign languages.

It is overwhelmed to have reached this solid milestone and making a positive impact to the education industry of Singapore. Sarah Tan, Chief Marketing Officer, SGLessons said, “Our platform is designed to bring students control, visibility and guidance into the tutoring market. By connecting students and tutors with our tailored search platform, we are fostering a more curated, efficient, and personalized learning experience for students, tutors and schools.”

This unique platform is specially designed to enrich both learners and teachers, facilitating in taking control of their studies and the available tutoring services. Acting as a crucial bridge, SGLessons enables the parents to identify the right teachers by offering them with the suite of criteria to narrow down their search according to their child’s need. Moreover the students can easily access the shortlisted schools and teachers selected from the SGLessons’ categorized profiles.

On the other hand, the schools and the tutors can leverage this user-friendly platform to advertise and promote their tutoring services, identifying the right tutoring opportunities for their students. The platform facilitates tutors to simply register, fill in their qualifications, credentials and expertise, to begin promoting their services. SGLessons provides advantages of convenience, better visibility, and, control of customizing their profiles empowering them to reach more potential learners and initiate the tutoring bookings with ease.

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