SEDA Group Collaborates with Vicinity to Foster Indigenous Education Efficacy

SEDA Group
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Vicinity and SEDA Group collaborate to help more Indigenous students finish their education. A student-centered approach is used in the education model, and there are direct links to industry. Industry partnerships give Indigenous students additional possibilities to finish their education.
More Indigenous students are able to finish their education thanks to SEDA Group.

Through autonomous SEDA Colleges in WA, NT, and SA, Vicinity has partnered with SEDA Group to help more Indigenous students to complete their year 11 and 12 education. The distinctive student-centered learning methodology employed by SEDA Colleges offers instruction in neighborhood settings, such as sports, recreation, community, and trade centers, in addition to time spent in the nation for cross-cultural learning.

The official three-year relationship comes after a 2022 partnership that gathered money for eight scholarships to help Indigenous students finish their final year at SEDA Colleges. SEDA Colleges employ a distinctive, student-centered method of instruction. The official relationship, according to Karen Woo, Sustainability Manager at Vicinity Centers for the Community, expands on a commitment to support increased educational results, ease job pathways, and enhance reconciliation.

“We have a responsibility to not only build strong relationships with First Nations people but to also shape meaningful places that acknowledge and recognise their link to Country,” Ms Woo said.

Students in the Northern Territory, South Australia, and Western Australia will be the partnership’s primary emphasis for the first year. A larger component of Vicinity’s sustainability program is the relationship with SEDA. According to Nick Hannett, CEO of SEDA Group, the collaboration will enable SEDA Colleges in WA, SA, and NT to provide the distinctive SEDA education model to a greater number of Indigenous youth.

“In the end, the partnership will lead to an increase in the number of young Indigenous people who complete senior secondary education in learning environments that are supportive of their culture and create meaningful pathways for their futures.” Through focused community initiatives, Vicinity invested $4.5 million in the community in FY23.

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