Saskatchewan Polytechnic Organizes Grand Ceremony of 1800 Graduates

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

On Thursday, more than 1,800 Saskatchewan Polytechnic students completed their degrees by crossing the stage to get their diplomas. Due to distance learning made necessary by the epidemic, some students, including Tara Bryant and Joy Juson, who both graduated from the Early Childhood Development programme, had their first face-to-face encounters before the ceremony. Bryant declared, “Having two kids it was perfect for me, and I plan to take the summer off!”

Students from Saskatchewan Polytech in Saskatoon have started their two-day convocation at TCU Place.

On Monday, the event will span the schools of hospitality and tourism, human services and community safety, mining, energy and manufacturing, and natural resources and built environment, and more than 1,800 students have been invited.

Tuesday will be a day of celebration for the schools of business, construction, ICT, transportation, health sciences, nursing, and adult 12.

Tristen Hansen-Aistine, a graduate of Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s class of 2023, said, “I’ve been waiting for this moment for quite a while; it’s been over a year now.”

She completed a programme in culinary arts.

Hansen-Aistine stated, “I would like to work full-time at the downtown Delta Hotels.” “I would like to travel as well.”

For online students, meeting their colleagues in person for the first time occurred at the graduation ceremony.

“It was a wild ride, but we all supported each other and made it through,” said graduate Tara Bryant.

She researched the early education system.

We had only previously interacted via computers, so Bryant stated, “I was excited to meet everyone, and I’m excited for my kids to watch me graduate.”

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