Rob Barsby: Revolutionizing the Event World

Rob Barsby
Rob Barsby

Rob Barsby is a name synonymous with daring feats and unparalleled accomplishments in the world of aviation, sports, and business. Described as crazy, insane, and spectacular, Rob is not an ordinary individual. As one-half of the internationally renowned AeroSPARX display team, he has revolutionized the event world with jaw-dropping aerial performances that defy the imagination. But Rob’s achievements extend far beyond the skies, as he’s a man of many talents. From flying a plane before even learning to drive a car to achieving numerous world firsts with AeroSPARX, he’s a trailblazer in every sense.

Not content with conquering the skies, Rob has also made waves as a sponsored sailor, representing his country and even participating in the UK Olympic trials.

What truly sets Rob Barsby apart is his ability to seamlessly blend his sporting prowess with his business acumen. As the owner of a successful marketing agency, he has navigated diverse business sectors through a multitude of projects, offering him a unique and multifaceted perspective on life. Whether he’s achieving world firsts in Dubai, setting Guinness World Records, or inspiring others with his adventures, Rob’s passion, drive, and experiences are the cornerstones of his inspirational journey.

His role as Chief Flying Instructor at a prominent gliding club and his involvement in high-profile aviation roles further solidify his status as an expert in various fields. With a captivating story to tell, Rob Barsby is a true inspiration, always striving to share his knowledge and inspire others to live life to the fullest.

Revolutionizing the Event World

Rob Barsby has been described as crazy, insane, and spectacular as flight lead and one-half of the internationally recognized AeroSPARX display team, who has revolutionized the event world.

Rob’s achievements are numerous, from flying a plane before driving a car and numerous world firsts with the Aerosparx display team to competing at International and national levels as a sponsored sailer for windsurfing with many sponsors. He represented his country numerous times and even took part in the UK Olympic trials.

Whilst achieving all this, Rob was also focused on his business goals and became the business owner of a successful marketing agency working in many business sectors through many projects. His sporting skills, in tandem with his business expertise, have given him a unique and diverse perspective on life. More recently, in Dubai, he achieved another world first and was involved with two Guinness World Records as part of the prestigious world-famous Dubai World Cup Horse Race.

Omnipresence of Rob 

After retiring from sailing, Rob did not forget his passion for aviation. He soon became an instructor and quickly progressed to becoming the Chief Flying Instructor at one of the biggest gliding clubs in the UK, plus being involved in other high-profile aviation roles.

Rob’s activities have made him a sought-after expert in a number of fields, and he often appears on media and television, as well as in business networks, to share his life experiences. He regularly meets with business owners, celebrities, and royals for events and charity work, affording him many stories of his adventures to share.

Achieving all this in parallel with his business goals/role as a business owner at a successful marketing agency, working with teams and many companies to achieve many goals. This has given him a unique, diverse perspective on life.

Creating Unique Experiences

With his unique skill set, adventures, and experiences, Rob is always working on a number of projects to offer his passion, drive, and experience, but what he really enjoys is sharing with others all his knowledge, adventures, and drive to inspire others to live their life to the full.

Pressure and drive are qualities needed to be an AeroSPARX display pilot, especially at night, in formation whilst doing aerobatics with pyrotechnics, which is a world-unique offering. Rob leads the combination in flight whilst both pilots work as a team, trusting their lives to each other to create unique experiences for the audience traveling the world to major and public events.

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