President Ali Declares that by 2025, University Education Would be Free

President Ali
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According to President Irfaan Ali, preparations will start this year for the implementation of free university education starting in 2025.

During his New Year’s Address to the Nation, the President announced the decision while outlining goals for the education and other sectors. The President declared that this year will see the start of preparations for the free university education plan, although he did not provide any specifics.

President Ali stated that the government has already been offering thousands of scholarships under the GOAL project, and that this will result in a workforce that is better educated, during an interview on the E-networks television program Insider.

According to President Ali, money would be allocated in this year’s budget for significant advancements in the country’s educational system.

The education sector received almost $94 billion in funding in the 2023 budget, with more funding provided in the supplemental budgets.

This effort aims to increase the number of students enrolled in university education, which will contribute significantly to the increase in the educated workforce. Significantly high percentage of students cannot afford higher education, which raises serious concerns in and of itself. People with educations can start their own firms or become effective employees, which boosts the economy of the country. They also have a developed outlook on life.

The success of a country depends upon the ratio of education population and number of entrepreneurs. With their new approach, the well-educated citizen can identify the industry trends, market challenges and can make thoughtful decisions.

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